Documentation VIP Go Geo targeting on VIP Go

Geo targeting on VIP Go

Overview #

VIP Go allows you to differentiate visitors from different countries, tailoring the content you serve to your visitors on a country by country basis, while still keeping the benefits of our fast caching infrastructure.

Adding geo targeting to your VIP Go code takes two parts:

  • Loading and configuring the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin
  • Serving geo targetted content

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Loading the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin #

As the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin requires configuration in code, we recommend loading this plugin using the wpcom_vip_load_plugin function.

// Load the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin
wpcom_vip_load_plugin( 'vip-go-geo-uniques' );

To configure the plugin, you must set a default location using the VIP_Go_Geo_Uniques::set_default_location method. You must then configure each country separately, using the VIP_Go_Geo_Uniques::add_location method.

The example below sets the default location as the US (US), and a further location as the UK (GB).

// Configure the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin
if ( class_exists( 'VIP_Go_Geo_Uniques' ) ) {
    VIP_Go_Geo_Uniques::set_default_location( 'US' );
    VIP_Go_Geo_Uniques::add_location( 'GB' );

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Serving geo targetted content #

You can now tailor your content to the different country audiences:

if ( function_exists( 'vip_geo_get_country_code' ) && 'GB' == vip_geo_get_country_code() ) {
    echo "Please select your favourite colour:";
} else {
    echo "Please select your favorite color:";

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Caching for sites using geo targetting #

When you enable the VIP Go Geo Uniques plugin, your page cache is varied by country code. This means that, for each URL requested, we hold a separate copy of the page (i.e. the HTTP response) for each country in our page cache. When you update a post or page, all cached copies for all country codes are automatically invalidated. When you purge the cache for your whole site, the whole cache is still invalidated.

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