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Images on VIP Go

VIP Go uses a service similar to Photon or images, so the core image processing is the same, and they all use (roughly) the same filters.

  • VIP Go images serves files relative to the home_url of the site, so images will be on the same domain as your site.
  • VIP Go always has access to all images, so the cache can be updated without a request being made, which is unlike Photon.
  • VIP Go images can support HTTPS images.

VIP Go files has the ability to process successive transformation functions as Photon does (but does not). For example, you are now able to perform a crop followed by a resize function with a filter tacked on the end, as well as many other combinations.

For example:,350px,450px,400px&resize=200,200&filter=sepia

VIP Go’s transformations are the same as Photon’s, and you can find documentation on the arguments here.

The maximum upload size for media files on VIP Go is 1 Gigabyte.

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