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This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

Welcome to VIP Go! We’re excited to have you here. The following list provides general guidelines for launching a site on VIP Go, to help you with timeline planning and resource allocation. Please know that the guidelines may vary for your specific site.

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1. Kickoff call #

To get started, you’ll have a kickoff call with the VIP team, where you will establish your launch timeline and get access to VIP Support.

Please come to your kickoff call prepared to discuss:

  • What is your expected launch date?
  • When will your theme/code be ready for our team to review?
  • What does your proposed theme look like?
  • What plugins do you plan on using?
  • What will your content migration look like?
  • What’s your anticipated traffic at launch?
  • What is your final domain, and will you be using nameservers?
  • What will your SSL setup look like?

Keeping in mind there exist a wide range of variables which determine what timeline your launch will follow, here is an example of how the process may look for you:

  • 3-4 weeks: Code Review and feedback cycles.
  • 1-3 weeks: Content Migration and QA
  • 1-2 weeks: Performance Review
  • Launch!

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2. Get acquainted with documentation and code review #

You and your development team should explore our VIP Go Documentation site and get familiar with your VIP Go setup. The cleaner your code, the faster your code review. Good pages to focus on:

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3. Get access to GitHub repo(s) and sites #

Through GitHub, VIP will manage the repos your sites use. Please share with us your developers’ GitHub usernames, and we can grant access as quickly as possible so you can start making use of your develop, staging, and production environments.

One person on your team will receive administrative access to these sites via email, and they can then invite the rest of the team into wp-admin.

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4. Submit your theme for Code Review #

Once the theme is ready for review, you will submit it according to our Theme Review guidelines. During the code review process, our engineers review the theme line by line, seeking out security holes and optimizations. It’s important to note that this process can take up to 20 business days, so please plan for this time in your project schedule. Before submission, it’s essential that your development team has read our Code Review document and checked the code for Blockers. PHPCS results, with no blockers listed, is required at time of code submission.

We take code review seriously and understand that there may be many questions along the way. If you need assistance, please open a ticket and we’d be happy to provide guidance.

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5. Get ready for content migration #

In anticipation of your launch date, you’ll want to plan out when you will begin importing content. We process imports in two parts: media, and SQL dump. You can find detailed information here.

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6. Pre-launch Performance Review #

One your theme and content is in place, it is time for the VIP team to perform final checks on your site. This step is critical to ensuring a successful launch. During this timeframe, we ask that you remain available for fixes/updates during this time as we provide feedback.

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7. Mapping Your Domain and Managing DNS #

If you plan on hosting your DNS with us, contact us via support ticket and we will set up domain management for you, where you can self-service create DNS entries to mirror your current setup. Once setup is complete, you can verify and switch to our nameservers. This should be done at least a week before launch.

If you plan on hosting your own DNS, you will need to point an A record to us. More here.

We do not allow launched production sites to use the “convenience” domains we provide for non-production and unlaunched production sites. You must procure a custom domain and switch to it at launch, e.g. if your site used the convenience domain you might procure to switch to when your site launches.

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8. Launch! #

At this point, your theme will be approved and enabled on your site, users added, content migrated, SSL set up and domain ready-to-go. In the week before launch, you’ll want to communicate the exact launch time you are looking at so that we can help flip the switch and make sure developers are around for any last-minute needs.
Here’s a typical launch process:

  • Notify VIP Team: Communicate to the VIP team early your anticipated launch date. Our preferred launch days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Real-time support: If preferred, we can offer real-time support. At launch time, our team will be online to assist you with any last minute requests.
  • Set your site as public: It’s very likely you set your site to “Private” before launch. Be sure to set your site to Public so that your visitors can access it! Also, make sure that your robots.txt file is listing the correct records.
  • Flip the Switch: If we are hosting your DNS, we can do this for you. If you are hosting your DNS, you will have to do this to launch. Please be sure to confirm these changes with your IT team ahead of time.
  • Keep in touch: If there are any issues, please open an urgent ticket and we will assist immediately.

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