Documentation VIP Go Managing Domains and DNS

Managing Domains and DNS

We highly recommend hosting it with our DNS servers. In order to smoothly handle any volume of traffic and weather any malicious attack, our load balancing and high availability solutions are dependent on us being the name server for 2nd-level domains. By taking this approach, it enables our skilled systems team to effectively route traffic to additional servers, mitigate attacks, or accommodate for an outage in one of our data centers.

If you plan on hosting your DNS with us, contact us via support ticket and we will set up domain management for you, where you can self-service create DNS entries to mirror your current setup. Once setup is complete, you can verify and switch to our nameservers. This should be done at least a week before launch.

If you plan on hosting your own DNS, you will need to point an A record to us. Contact us via support tickets for more information.

Note: You can use the “www” version of a domain, and the root/non-www version will also work.


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