Migrating and Importing Content

VIP Go platform specific

This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

When you are ready to migrate content onto VIP Go, we will need a SQL dump and a compressed archive of the uploads directory. We process imports in two parts.

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Media #

Also frequently referred to as uploads. This requires a compressed archive of the uploads directory (usually zip or compressed tarball). If possible, it is best to exclude intermediate images, as they are unnecessary (see Notes on media export).

We can start importing the media at any time. It’s best to supply the initial archive as soon as possible, to give ample time for troubleshooting. It’s easy to follow-up with delta imports as needed.

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SQL dump #

This is the database dump of the WordPress migration source, typically from a development or staging environment where the site is being built and QA’d. We recommend compressing the file with gzip.

If yours is a multisite install, it’s best to only include in the export the sites that you actually want migrated, not all of them.

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Notes on media export #

If possible, we advise not to provide intermediate images, as they are unnecessary on VIP Go. This can make the export much smaller (up to 95% of the size can be saved), and the import proportionally quicker.

With intermediate images we refer to the different image sizes WordPress creates when uploading an image. For example, when uploading example.jpg, which is the full-size version of the image, intermediate images filenames could be example-150x150.jpg, example-500x300.jpg, etc.

The only real action needed when migrating to VIP Go is to set the WPCOM_VIP_USE_JETPACK_PHOTON constant to true. The best way to achieve this is to add the following line in your vip-config/vip-config.php file:


This will make sure old image filenames are handled correctly. Image tags such as

<img src="https://automattic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/image-660x344.jpg" width="660" height="344" />

will be seamlessly rewritten to

<img src="https://automattic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/image.jpg?resize=660,344" width="660" height="344" />

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Frequently asked questions #

Q: Are user accounts imported from SQL, or manually created?
They are created from SQL.

Q: Are there typically any data-cleaning scripts or processes that need to be run on the final SQL import?
Typically, the only cleanup we run is wp search-replace on the domain if necessary. The SQL provided for import should be ready to go as-is to make the switch over as fast as possible.

Q: How do delta imports work?
You will provide us with an updated SQL dump and archive including any new images, and we will re-import. By default, this will update any older posts that have been modified, and add all new posts. With a delta, we will flush the object cache, but we may not need to flush the page cache (as it will automatically expire in 30 minutes).

Q: Does the theme need to be complete before we run the migration?
No, we can process imports at any time during the launch process.

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