New Relic on VIP Go

Overview #

New Relic is available for clients running on our VIP Go platform. New Relic is an application monitoring platform and on VIP Go, you can use it to monitor the PHP (WordPress) code and browser performance of your site or application.

If your team would like to use New Relic, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange access for you. We do not charge for access to New Relic.

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What New Relic plan will I be running? #

The New Relic plan we run is as follows

  • Web Pro Annual – this is the PHP application monitoring which covers your WordPress application code
  • Mobile Lite
  • Insights Free
  • Browser Lite
  • Synthetics Lite

The differentiation mainly affects the retention of monitoring data, with Pro elements of the plan retaining data for longer than Lite elements.

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How many users can I have accessing New Relic? #

As many as you require, please contact us with the email addresses of any team members who need access to your New Relic monitoring.

It is your responsibility to request leaving members of your teams have their New Relic access removed.

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Can I turn off New Relic Browser Monitoring? #

Yes! New Relic have some documentation on disabling Browser monitoring and real user monitoring.

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Can I use my own New Relic account? #

The VIP team use New Relic to monitor all the sites and applications on the VIP Go platform, we require that your application uses the VIP New Relic account in order that we can continue to do so.

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How do I use New Relic #

New Relic themselves maintain documentation:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help where we can.

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