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This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

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What is a code review? #

Every line of code that is committed to VIP Go is reviewed by the VIP Team. The goal of our reviews is to make sure that on your launch, your site will be:

  • Secure, because pushing a site live with insecure code presents a liability to you and your whole userbase;
  • Performant, because going live and finding out that your code can’t handle the traffic levels that your site expects puts most of your launch efforts to waste.
  • We also review for development best practices to make sure that your site will continue to live on without significant maintenance costs or major issues when WordPress is upgraded.

There are typically two ways you will submit code to us:

  • Theme Review: You are launching or redesigning your site, which means you will submit a complete theme to us (with plugins included).
  • Deploy Review: This is for more experienced VIP Developers who have been granted write access to their production Git repo and are looking to make changes to the site. Every commit is reviewed before it can be deployed.
  • Redesign, Feature or Plugin Review: You are adding a new theme or plugin to your existing site, and will create a separate branch to complete development. We will review within that branch, and then when it’s ready, you can merge it into the master branch.

How long does code review take?

We typically budget 10-15 business days for a full theme review. For Deploy Reviews, it can vary between a few hours to one business day depending on your support tier, but we try to accommodate those as quickly as possible.

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What do you look for during Code Review? #

Here’s a guide to what the VIP Engineering Team looks for when reviewing your code. We strongly recommend looking at this document before submitting your code to expedite your review process.


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