Redesign, feature, or plugin review

VIP Go platform specific

This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

You may want to add a new feature or plugin to your existing VIP Go site. This document will help guide you through this process.

Note: For plugins smaller than 1,500 lines of code (not including CSS), these can go straight through the Review Queue and do not need to be branched.

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Process #

You should create a new branch within your git repo, and use that to develop your new feature or include your new plugin. Once this branch is ready for review, please open a support ticket and let us know.

Important: During this time code review, only VIP team members should merge branches or commit to this feature branch. This helps the review go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

  1. You will have a VIP Engineer assigned to your review. We’ll open issues on Github for things we see that need addressing and assign them to you. If you have any queries about the issue itself, you can add comments to the issue in GitHub.
  2. To address each issue, you will create a separate branch to address fixes.
  3. When have a branch that you’re happy addresses the issue, submit that as a Pull Request (or “PR”) for merging into staging.
  4. Reference the issue in that PR so that Github picks up on the association.
  5. Assign the PR back to your VIP Engineer.
  6. We’ll review the PRs and so long as there is no additional feedback, we’ll merge and close the issue.
  7. If there is additional feedback, we’ll add that to the PR and assign it back to you. You can update your branch to refine the code, or you can ask us for clarification in a comment on the PR.

Once you’ve completed the review process, you will need to verify with a VIP Engineer that this branch is ready for merging. Please go ahead and resolve any merge conflicts, and then merge the feature branch into the master branch, with a note indicating that it has been through review.

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Review Labels #

When we create an issue, it will come with one of the following labels, which have these meanings:

  • VIP Blocker: Issues that must be addressed before we can proceed. E.g. serious security or performance issues.
  • VIP Warning: Issues that should be addressed before we can launch. E.g. Security and performance issues that we strongly suggest are fixed.
  • VIP Notice: Other miscellaneous advice/recommendations that we’d encourage you to look at.

All of these will be assigned to a Github milestone called “Launch” so you can easily track progress. You can read more about VIP Blockers, Warnings, and Notices here.

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