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Scheduled Deploys

Overview #

All scheduled deploys must be done manually by the VIP Team because our team needs to be around to assist, should there be any issues. We prefer scheduled deploys to occur during business hours.

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How to schedule a deploy #

  • Open a ticket with our team requesting a scheduled deploy, and include the following information:
    • What day and time do you need this deploy? Please include the time zone.
    • What repo is this deploy for?
    • Please submit the code you’d like to commit so that we can review the code ahead of time. We usually request 1-2 business days of notice.
  • Once we’ve reviewed the code, you will receive confirmation that your deploy has been scheduled.
  • On the day that you need the deploy, go ahead and commit the code. The commit message should include a note of the time the code needs to be deployed, and a reference to the ticket # with the patch.
  • We will then deploy at the time requested.

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