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Scheduled Deploys

Overview #

All scheduled deploys must be done manually by the VIP Team because our team needs to be around to assist, should there be any issues. We prefer scheduled deploys to occur during business hours.

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The Code Method #

  • If at all possible, if the code is simple and properly encapsulated, you should use time-based checks in the code to enable or disable features. This lets your update go out exactly on time and doesn’t require any intervention from us at that time.
  • Note: The the PHP time() function will always return UTC. You should use current_time() to get the time (with proper offset) for your site, or use strtotime, or the DateTime class to get a proper date with the right timezone. 

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The Manual Deploy Method #

  • If the above is not possible, please open a ticket to give us as much advance notice as possible (3 days for a small change, a week for a big change). Then, submit a patch ahead of time for us to review, with as much detail as possible.
  • On the day the deploy is needed, please commit (with a reference to the ticket # with the patch), and then submit an urgent ticket to request for the deploy.

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