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This document is for sites running on VIP.

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The following tools help you navigate the environment and to communicate with the VIP Team.

1. Your Support Dashboard

Your welcome email from VIP includes a link to click through and log into your support dashboard. This is the best method to communicate with VIP on technical or urgent issues. By logging in, you can easily see all of the communication between VIP and your organization.

General Ticket Guidelines:

  • We highly encourage you to use tickets to track any technical conversations as it helps document the progress that is being made.
  • Please open up a new ticket for each individual request.
  • We reserve “Urgent” tickets for times when there are important security issues or your site cannot be accessed. Please refrain from using the “Urgent” indicator otherwise.

2. Your VIP Dashboard

You can access this dashboard by navigating to your site’s admin panel and clicking the VIP tab. From this dashboard, you can see who has SVN access to your theme, what your page’s generation time is and existing open tickets from your organization. You can also use this dashboard to open tickets with VIP Hosting support or request SVN access.

3. VIP Documentation

Our Documentation site is an important resource to send along to your development team. It includes information on how to submit a theme for reviewhow to submit a plugin for review, and how to access your code.

4. VIP Plugins

We have reviewed a small, but growing list of plugins, and modified some of them to make them more stable, secure, and performant. We highly recommend using this existing list of plugins before looking outside for alternatives. If you are interested in using a plugin that isn’t available as a pre-approved VIP shared plugin, we will have to review it for stability, performance, and security before it can be used on

5. VIP Lobby

It’s extremely important that all members of your team get access to the VIP Lobby. This is where we post security updates, upgrade notices, and actionable items. We also post our private parties and workshops here! If you haven’t already gotten an invitation to the VIP Lobby, be sure to request one through your support dashboard. Once you accept the invitation, you’ll begin getting email notifications with important updates.

6. VIP News

Wondering what innovative things our other VIP clients are doing, or what new features we are building out? Be sure to visit our VIP News site, where we share interesting case studies, important new features, and updates from across the enterprise WordPress ecosystem.

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