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Getting Started with VIP

Our step-by-step process to successful site launches


Get to know VIP and set the groundwork for your website

Kickoff Call

A call with the VIP team kicks off the collaborative process. We review your launch timeline and introduce you to the VIP platform and development tools. We are also happy to use this time to consult with you on the best setup, plugins and tools for your site’s needs.

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Development Tools

Use our VIP Quickstart environment to begin developing. It’s convenient, easy to install and closely mirrors our production environment. There’s also a code scanner that gives you real-time feedback and helps you tune your code.

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Your Code

Set up your site from scratch, or start with one of our themes. Integrate your custom plugins or leverage our pre-vetted library of community and partner plugins.

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Collaborative Review

Benefit from a full code review to optimize every aspect of your site

Full Code Review

Our engineers review your code line-by-line verifying platform compatibility, seeking out security vulnerabilities and performance optimizations to ensure you launch the most stable, performant WordPress site possible.

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Ready for Production

Following a successful review, your site is made available to your team in the production environment. Any changes to the site are now managed via a secure Subversion repository that we host, where the VIP team reviews and then deploys your changes.

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Time to bring your website to life by integrating your custom content

Your Content

Now you can begin populating your site and see it truly take shape. Have millions of posts and images to migrate from an old site? We can help. Need to setup guest authors, aliases, bylines or import existing users? We do that too.

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Pre-Launch Prep

Your theme is enabled on your site, your users activated and your data migrated. It’s time to do a full functional test of the site before we flip the switch.

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Your website is live — Congratulations!

Site Launch

Now rest easy knowing that your site lives safely on the infrastructure, which serves billions of pages a month and has 24/7 operational support.

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Post-launch commits and deploys

We’re here to support your site’s changes and improvements. We do several checks on code optimization and security before approving a commit for deployment, and we’re really proud to get 90% of commits deployed within two hours of submission.

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