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We’re a Digital Studio For The Technology Industry. As a group of adventurous developers and original designers, our team lives and breathes tech.

We’ve built our success on exceeding expectation.


Hidden away in an often overlooked part of the UK, we’ve built a truly global reputation, not only working with European clients, but also exporting over half of our work to the USA. As a group of adventurous developers and original designers, our team lives and breathes tech. When we’re not working on client projects, you’ll find us blogging about the industry and producing open-source products for the web.

But it’s the way we work that makes us who we are…

Never Fear Change
We never just hope that what has worked before will work again. Being unafraid to push forward, looking for new challenges, and making our own opportunities has been the key to our success.

Be Bold, Not Difficult
We have the confidence to stand by our work, but all our relationships are built on honesty. We value straightforward talk, easy working relationships instead of ego, and openness above all.

Reject Routine
Contentment is the enemy of invention. Each project is unique, offering its own exciting opportunities. A ‘one size fits all’ approach undervalues clients, bores staff, and kills creativity.

Make Space For Creativity
No one created anything great by colouring inside the lines. We make room in our office and our budgets to allow our team to experiment and keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Stronger Together
We embrace the workspace and shun hierarchy just for the sake of social status. As a result, our close-knit team allows for crystal clear communication and collaborative problem solving.

Pay It Forward
We didn’t get here alone. That’s why we build open-source projects, are transparent about how we work through blogs and talks, sponsor industry events, and actively support new talent.

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