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Real-time web analytics for big-time publishers.

Built in partnership with journalism’s leading innovators, Chartbeat Publishing was designed to help publishers connect the right content with the right audience at the right time. Our real-time analytics platform measures time and attention—how long visitors spend reading, writing, watching—so you know what content is resonating. With benchmarking, pre-viral alerts, and social tracking, Chartbeat Publishing learns from your users’ regular activity to highlight extraordinary behavior as it happens.


When an article is picking up steam, you need to think about whether it warrants a higher placement on the homepage. Where visitors aren’t spending lots of time, you need to consider tweaking the content. And if social channels are driving visitors to an article, you need to know if they’re recirculating to your other pages. Chartbeat Publishing helps your team make sound and swift editorial decisions, take action in the moments that matter, and turn your big opportunities into major achievements.


Heads Up Display – There’s no time to lose when it comes to maintaining a dynamic homepage. That’s why we built the Heads Up Display, which projects real-time data right on top of your homepage. Colorful pins provide easy-to-follow signals, so you can make quick, data-driven decisions.


Video Dashboard – The Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard tracks the second-by-second engagement of your site’s viewers. Know what’s happening in between the time when a video begins (“the starts”) and ends (“the completes”), and understand how pre-roll ads are affecting drop-off.


Daily Content Perspective – A popular reference for morning editorial meetings, the Daily Content Perspective provides a brief summary of your day-by-day performance. It can answer questions such as, “How big was my audience? Who was my best referrer? What were my top social and search pages?”


Weekly Audience Perspective – To start building a returning and loyal audience, you need to zero in on your most valuable referrers and visitors. The Weekly Audience Perspective gives you insight into where visitors are coming from, for how much time they’re engaging, and who’s likely to return.

We’re proud to work with 4,000 clients in 35 countries, including 80% of the top U.S. publishers.


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