Knowledge Delivered.

Graphiq is a technology company focused on collecting, structuring, and delivering the world’s knowledge. The company covers thousands of topics, ranging from smartphones and colleges, to sports stats, home price indexes, and the federal budget. With 120 billion data points across thousands of topics, Graphiq has created the largest data visual library on the internet, and it’s made all of those data visuals available free of charge. The company works with dozens of top publishers to help them bring their stories to life and engage readers through rich, interactive data visuals.

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Writing about Apple’s recent quarterly earnings miss and want to highlight exorbitant executive compensation? The Graphiq visualization library has thousands of financial charts including company earnings and compensation broken down by executive – all pulled from various government APIs. Posting a product review on the newest iPhone and how it stacks up against the market? Compare products in a clean side-by-side format and outline the appropriate specs with just a few clicks. From sports stats and real estate market trends to political contributions, Graphiq brings millions of interactive, embeddable data visualizations right to your fingertips.

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Graphiq aggregates information from thousands of public and proprietary sources, providing a comprehensive library of visuals that can be embedded into any story—for free.  Use the search bar, or click the Insert Visual button to receive recommendations based on the text of your story.

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