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Our mission is to integrate World Class technology that fundamentally improves digital advertising effectiveness and publishing operations for every one of our partners. Inform (formerly NDN) keeps viewers engaged and spending time across content topics and devices. Inform brings personalized content delivery and performance-based monetization to mobile and desktop advertisers and publishers.


Our platform powers video for thousands of the web’s biggest publishers; well-known and established content creators including AP and Reuters; and major advertising brands. Our technology distributes, monetizes, and embeds content into articles for premium publishers. Give your audience the personalized content they want, when and where they want it, from desktop to mobile to the palm of their hands. Inform’s proprietary technology delivers content matching and automated delivery of hundreds of millions of premium video impressions monthly across best-in-class content providers including national brands and local broadcast sites.

  • Embed relevant content into your articles and across your sites.
  • Get fast access to high-quality relevant video content that enhances engagement and helps you build or grow your audience while generating revenue.
  • Increase monetization with video content pre-loaded with brand-safe advertising from trusted partners.
  • Improve engagement and monetization with relevant video content and our matching software.
  • Build engaged audiences by telling better stories.

Inform’s native technology powers our predictive and personalized digital media platform, and enables content matching and automated delivery of hundreds of millions of premium video impressions monthly. We’re a full-stack technology and revenue solution utilized by over 4,000 top publisher sites, with billions of page views each month analyzing 600 billion news consumption points. Inform’s technology infrastructure provides in-line automated, contextual video distribution and options for seamless one-click placement, which allows for enhanced editorial control that incorporates patented word graph algorithms at an unprecedented scale. We don’t just have a model representation of contextual data — we developed the largest contextual map of the English language.

Inform is ranked as the No. 1 Online News & Information Property by comScore (June2015), with 27 million unique monthly viewers and 230 million videos viewed each month. Inform analyzes over 600 billion content consumption data points each month across thousands of the top US digital publishers to help advertisers, publishers, and content producers to improve performance and profits.

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