Powering Social Everywhere.

Livefyre helps brands, media companies and agencies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation and social advertising. With Livefyre, brands can integrate real-time social content into their websites, mobile apps, advertisements, jumbotrons and television broadcasts to increase viewer engagement, boost website traffic and drive revenue.

The Most Comprehensive Real-Time Platform

Livefyre’s platform infuses real-time social content into websites and mobile apps to increase engagement, boost website traffic and drive revenue. Livefyre offers a market-leading portfolio of engagement and curation applications, and a central dashboard where you can create customized environments that align with specific campaigns, news coverage, events and more.

StreamHub Core applications help you build an engaged community around your content with tools like comments, social storytelling, web annotations and ratings and reviews. With StreamHub Curate, you can aggregate, filter and display social content from social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and RSS, while easily controlling what is displayed in real-time through advanced moderation tools. This content can be seamlessly integrated into websites, mobile apps, advertisements or live displays to increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

For those looking to build custom experiences, StreamHub also enables the rapid development and customization of real-time, social apps, with a full library of APIs, web and mobile SDKs, developer documentation and sample code.

Livefyre by the Numbers

  • Livefyre is the 4th largest site network in the US according to Quantcast
  • Our network powers real-time experiences across 1 billion page views each month
  • Livefyre has over 650 enterprise customers
  • We reach 15 million registered users and 175 million unique visitors per month across 75,000 total installations
  • Our Enterprise clients see an increase of up to 10x in user engagement after implementing Livefyre’s solutions
  • 5 of the Top 10 most profitable media companies in the US are Livefyre customers

Case Study:

Mashable was building a new front-end for their website, but didn’t want to spend months also rebuilding their commenting system. By integrating Livefyre’s market-leading LiveComments, Mashable was able to have a commenting experience on-par with their high technology standards and still save their tech team hours of valuable time. With Livefyre’s real-time social apps, Mashable saw record-breaking spikes in conversation.

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