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Unlock a Premium Revenue Stream with Brand Content and Native Ads.

Monetize your site through a better user experience with brand content and native advertising. With Nativo, publishers quickly deploy native ad placements and earn incremental revenue from top advertisers.  The Nativo platform tools make it easy for publishers to sell, manage and fill all native ad placements across their owned web and mobile properties.

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Nativo provides unmatched flexibility, control & management over native ad placements including precise scheduling of flight dates, impression caps, optimization, geo and device targeting, and more. The Nativo platform features a WordPress plugin that accommodates the full spectrum of site template and designs. The Nativo plugin automatically adjusts to mobile themes and allows publishers to easily monetize mobile traffic. JavaScript, API, community and other integrations are also available.

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Nativo can be used for:

  1. Revenue Generation: receive quality brand content from top advertisers, delivered to native ad placements across your owned web and mobile properties
  2. Publisher Direct: deploy, flight, serve and manage direct sold native campaigns across your owned web and mobile properties

Once your publisher account is approved, final setup instructions will be emailed to you. If you have custom requirements or have any questions, please contact us at

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