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About Us

rtCamp started as a WordPress agency in 2009. We are based in India but available across different timezones. This is what sets us apart:

  • We believe every organisation is unique, so you will benefit more from a handcrafted solution that addresses your needs first.
  • We love solving complex engineering problems and at scale. Working with enterprises gives us this opportunity.
  • We have contributed to WordPress core and community in many ways. This experience and confidence reflects in our work.

Our Services

Some of our key services are listed below. If you need something different, feel free to contact us.

  • Migration to WordPress: No matter how outdated or complicated your current publishing solution is, we can migrate it to WordPress.
  • Complete Project: We can take care of your entire WordPress project. Recommended, if you do not have an in-house WordPress team.
  • VIP Code Review: If you are already on WordPress and have in-house WordPress team, we can work with your team for VIP code review and compliance.
  • Retainer: We can act as bridge between you and WordPress on an ongoing basis for future business requirements.

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