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Tinypass is the best way to charge for access to content on your site.

Tinypass is the leading monetization platform for digital publishers, and is in use by hundreds of major publishers around the world. We’re very proud to be bringing a version of this functionality crafted specifically for the WordPress community.

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Without a merchant account, and for only 2.9% + 30 cents with no monthly fee (read more on our Pricing Page to find out how we charge), you can now leverage the power and flexibility of Tinypass on your own site or blog. You can launch a paywall, a donation model, or craft almost any business model that’s right for your audience and your business.

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Publishers can sell subscriptions or fixed-time access to editorial, downloadable files, audio, video, live streams, or access to web pages. We feature both a Javascript-based paywall that is WordPress VIP-compatible, and a server-side version suitable for hosted WordPress instances where security is a larger concern. A dashboard provides publishers with robust analytics, financial reporting, user management tools, and a customer service system.

Tinypass was founded in 2011 and is proudly Made in New York. For enterprise inquiries, please contact

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