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  • Custom Metadata Manager

    Add custom metadata fields to your posts, pages, custom post types, users, and other object types.

  • Disable Comments Querying

    Disable comment queries (useful if you use a JavaScript-based commenting system).

  • Fieldmanager

    Build forms, metaboxes and custom admin screens.

  • Gallery Style Cleanup

    Create valid XHTML for galleries

  • Maintenance Mode

    Shut down your site for a little while and do some maintenance on it! Still allows authors, editors, and administrators to browse the site normally.

  • Safe Redirect Manager

    Safely and easily manage your website’s HTTP redirects.

  • WP Large Options

    Allow storage of options larger than 1M in a cache-safe manner. Uses a custom post type.

  • WPCOM Legacy Redirector

    Simple plugin for handling legacy redirects in a scalable manner.

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  • Advanced Excerpt

    Control the length of your excerpts and spice them up with HTML.

  • Art Direction Redux

    Edit the CSS for individual posts to create per-post styles.

  • AYS Publish

    Add a confirmation step after you click Publish.

  • Column Shortcodes

    Easily format your posts and pages into columns.

  • Comment Moderation Queue Alerts

    Get notifications when the comment queue is too large.

  • Comment Probation

    Approve one comment but not all future comments.

  • Content Boost by FindTheBest

    Add relevant, interactive content to any VIP post.

  • Edit Flow

    Redefine your editorial workflow and empower your team with features for better organization and communication.

  • Editorial Calendar

    Drag and drop post management

  • Getty Images

    Search and use Getty Images photos in your posts without ever leaving

  • Hidden Posts

    Hide individual posts from a site’s homepage.

  • History Bar

    List recently viewed posts in the help bar, for easy user access.

  • Ice Visual Revisions

    See who changed what when in the visual editor

  • Maintenance Mode

    Shut down your site for a little while and do some maintenance on it! Still allows authors, editors, and administrators to browse the site normally.

  • MCE Table Buttons

    Add a table editing toolbar to your post editor.

  • Multiple Post Thumbnails

    Adds multiple post thumbnails to a post type. If you’ve ever wanted more than one Featured Image on a post, this plugin is for you. […]

  • NewsCred

    Publish fully licensed, full text articles and images from 4,000+ of the world’s best news sources!

  • PublishThis

    The Leading Content Marketing Management Platform for Enterprise Businesses

  • Push Syndication

    Easily “push” your content to multiple WordPress sites or “pull” content from external resources like RSS Feeds.

  • Simple Page Ordering

    Order your pages, hierarchical custom post types, or custom post types with “page-attributes” with simple drag and drop right from the built in page list.

  • Simply Show Ids

    Show the ID of an item for easy access.

  • Skyword

    Moving Stories. Forward.

  • SubHeading

    Easily add and display subtitles/headings on your posts.

  • WP Help

    Easily create customized documentation for your website, viewable from your Dashboard.

  • Zone Manager (Zoninator)

    Curate your content in a flash by creating zones, which you can use to order your content.

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  • Blimply

    Send push notifications to your mobile users.

  • is a dynamic mobile web layer adding advanced functionality to your WordPress VIP site inside any mobile browser.

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  • Ad Code Manager

    Securely and easily manage your ad codes through your Dashboard.

  • Adbusters

    A package of automatically loaded iframe busters for popular ad networks.

  • CampTix Event Ticketing

    Sell event tickets through your site.

  • Ecwid Shopping Cart Shortcode

    Easily integrate Ecwid commerce features on your site.

  • MediaPass Subscriptions

    Monetize your content with recurring subscriptions made easy.

  • Nativo

    Unlock a premium revenue stream with native ads.

  • Shoplocket

    Everything you need to start selling professionally from WordPress, in minutes.

  • Tinypass

    Simple, powerful tools for subscriptions, paywalls, pay-per-view, and donations.

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  • Cache Nav Menus

    Cache your Core Navigation Menus with’s Advanced Post Cache.

  • CheezTest

    Create and run Batcache-compatible server-side A/B tests in your theme.

  • Responsive Images

    Size images for responsive display.

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    Generate shortened URLs for your published posts.

  • Facebook

    Make your WordPress site social in a couple of clicks, powered by Facebook.

  • Google Calendar Events

    Display events from a Google Calendar feed as a calendar grid or list.

  • JSON Feed

    Add and customize a JSON output format to your feeds.

  • Livefyre

    Powering social everywhere.

  • Simple Reach Analytics

    Content ROI made simple.

  • SocialFlow

    Get more readers and traffic from Twitter & Facebook with SocialFlow Optimized Publisher™.

  • Storify

    Make the Web Tell a Story

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  • AngelList

    Display an AngelList company profile in selected posts.

  • Breadcrumb NavXT

    Add breadcrumb navigation for your visitors.

  • Category Posts Widget

    Highlight posts from a given category in your sidebar or footer.

  • External Links in a New Window

    Save time by universally setting your links to open in a new window.

  • External Permalinks Redux

    Redirect your posts and pages to a URL of your choosing.

  • Formategory

    Customize posts based on their categories using templates.

  • Lazy Load

    Improve page load times and reduce bandwidth by loading images only when they’re visible to the reader.

  • MostPopular Feed

    Create a feed of the most popular posts.

  • Simply Show Ids

    Show the ID of an item for easy access.

  • Table of Contents

    Add an organized TOC to your pages — especially useful for documentation-centric sites.

  • Taxonomy Images

    Tag and categorize the images in your Media Library.

  • Taxonomy List Widget

    Create a list of non-hierarchical taxonomies and display it in your sidebar or footer, as an alternative to the tag cloud.

  • Term Management Tools

    Easily reorganize your categories and tags — merge terms, convert term taxonomies, and set term parents in bulk.

  • View All Posts Pages

    Provide a “view all” (single page) option for paginated posts.

  • Related Posts

    Generate and display a list of related posts.

  • VIP Search Add-On

    Super-charge your search with faceting, powered by ElasticSearch technology.

  • WP Page Numbers

    Replace the “Next” and “Previous” navigation links with numbers and arrows.

  • WP Pagenavi

    Replace the “Next” and “Previous” navigation links with numbers and arrows.

  • WP-Paginate

    Replace the “Next” and “Previous” navigation links with numbers and arrows on posts and comments.

  • Geo Uniques

    Target distinct markets with different content by geo-targetting users at a country level, while still benefitting from the awesomeness that is Batcache.

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Most of the Community plugins are also available in the public plugin directory. Each plugin has undergone a thorough VIP code review at the time of inclusion and in some cases was modified from the public version for security or performance reasons to run on the VIP platform.