Add Meta Tags Mod

Add Description and Keywords XHTML META tags to your blog’s pages.

What does this plugin do?

The plugin automatically adds various HTML meta tags to your site, meant to help search engines better index it. We use a modified/improved version of the Add Meta Tags plugin that is available for download at

This is a replacement for All in One SEO Pack, which isn’t a good fit for the environment.

How do I set it up?

Activate the plugin and then go to Settings→Meta Tags in your Dashboard’s sidebar menu. The plugin adds meta tags automatically when activated, but this screen will give you options for modifying the tags that are used:

Meta Tags

Additionally, you’ll now see an SEO module when editing your posts and pages:


For more information, please see the full plugin documentation here.

Importing from Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin?

Upon import, VIP automatically uses the meta from the Yoast plugin on your existing site (if it exists) and puts it into Add Meta Tags Mod’s custom fields, so you won’t have to worry about converting the data.  

What features does the plugin offer?

  • Customize your site description, site-keywords, and site-wide meta tags.
  • Control which meta tags are added to single posts and pages.
  • Default meta tags are automatically added for your site, posts, and category archives.
  • Reset all options with one click.