is a dynamic mobile web layer adding advanced functionality to your WordPress VIP site inside any mobile browser. seamlessly and unobtrusively overlays your content with extensions (mini-apps) amplifying your content with key experiences and actions that drive engagement and present new monetization opportunities for your mobile web traffic.

How does it work?

We carefully designed so that it persistently, yet unobtrusively, be available to your audience on mobile, allowing you to consistently surface engaging experiences and call-to-actions you care about the most wherever people are on your site. runs on your site whenever a visitor accesses it from a mobile web browser. When browsing your site on any mobile browser your visitors can seamlessly interact with via a unique Mobile Flyout Bar, which expands or collapses while it overlays your content.

Reinventing Mobile Browsing

Right out of the box, introduces powerful features designed to help you deliver a better mobile browsing experience, drive more user engagement with your content and utilize new monetization opportunities, without having to change anything on your site:

  • Push notifications – extends the power of push to the entire mobile web. For the first time, allows your site to send push notifications, which means you can directly reach your audience – anywhere, anytime – and keep bringing them back to engage with your content.
  • Social sharing – powers the easiest way to share content from a mobile browser (any mobile browser). With visitors on your site can share your content across multiple social networks, simultaneously, with just one tap.
  • Continuous engagement across platforms – With desktop and mobile play nice together so you never miss a user. People engage with your brand and content on desktop computers as well as mobile devices, so does makes moving between desktop and mobile so easy and seamless allowing people to continuously engage with your content – everywhere, anytime.
  • Monetization opportunities – introduces new, premium real-estate for targeted ad inventory, as well as unlocks new monetization opportunities through mini-apps you can configure and customize for your site.
  • Open APIs – Our platform allows you to build custom mini-apps to enhance your site and deliver stunning, engaging mobile browsing experiences to your audience. Be creative and use our open APIs.

Setting up is easy

1. Activate the plugin on your WordPress VIP dashboard.


2. If you wish to customize your, get access to analytics and have more advanced options, please visit us at to register your WordPress VIP site. Once you register your site please follow the instructions to complete activation.