CampTix Event Ticketing

Sell event tickets through your site.



  • Added a nonce check for privacy and attendance toggles for better security
  • Various small i18n fixes and language updates
  • Various new actions and filters for more flexibility
  • New addon that allows admins to track attendance
  • New addon that allows admins to require users to be logged in to purchase a ticket
  • Removed pending attendees from revenue reports
  • Full changelog


  • Updated PayPal module to use HTTP 1.1 now that PayPal requires it. Fixes "A payment error has occurred" errors.
  • Added support for Eastern name ordering.
  • Updated Japanese and French translations.
  • Add Slovak translation.
  • Fixes E_STRICT notices in PHP 5.4.
  • Adds [camptix_stats] shortcode.
  • Full changelog


  • Attendees can automatically refund their tickets
  • More e-mail templates are customizable
  • Added translations for Swedish (Jonathan De Jong), German (Raphael Michel), Japanese (Naoko Takano), Russian (Konstantin Kovshenin), and Portuguese (Rafael Funchal)
  • New actions and filters for customization
  • Fixed a bug where the [camptix] shortcode would break when used on the homepage
  • Reintroduced the Refund All Tickets feature
  • Handles duplicate requests from PayPal more gracefully, so attendees aren't set to a failed status
  • Added a checkbox to toggle the Attendee privacy feature
  • Added an upgrade command for WP-CLI
  • Full changelog


  • Better escaping and sanitization
  • Better error messages during failed payments
  • Fixed a bug where the shortcode would display in plain text
  • Other minor bug fixes and clean ups


  • Added the ability to edit confirmation e-mails
  • Reworked ticket questions, both under the hood and UI
  • Added support to edit new and existing questions
  • Added a bunch of currencies for PayPal
  • Few bug fixes and minor enhancements


  • Numerous bugs fixed
  • RTL stylesheets
  • Predefined PayPal credentials with a filter
  • French and Hebrew translations: props xibe and maor
  • New currency: ILS


  • Added and API for payment methods
  • Enhanced logging around payments
  • UI cleanup in ticket questions
  • Invalidate attendees list shortcode when an attendee is changed
  • Improved admin columns in attendees, tickets and coupons
  • Added GBP currency to PayPal
  • Enabled meta logging addon by default
  • Added textarea and radio question types
  • Added column attribute to the [camptix_attendees] shortcode
  • Added a couple of language packs
  • Minor cleanups and bugfixes


  • Added JPY currency
  • Added l10n functions
  • Removing closure functions to support php 5.2
  • Questions v2 now a public feature
  • Minor cleanups, bugfixes and enhancements


  • First version