Custom Metadata Manager

Add custom metadata fields to your posts, pages, custom post types, users, and other object types.

An easy way to add custom fields to your object types (post, pages, custom post types, users).

The goal of this plugin is to help you rapidly build familiar, intuitive interfaces for your users in a very WordPress-native way.

The custom field panel is nice, but not quite the easiest thing for users to work with. Adding your own metaboxes and fields involves a lot of time and repetitive code that could be better used elsewhere.

This plugin handles all that heavy-lifting for you behind-the-scenes, so that you can focus on more on building out and connecting your data rather than all the minor details. To add a custom field, simply register it like so:

add_action( 'custom_metadata_manager_init_metadata', function() {
    x_add_metadata_field( 'my-field-name', 'post' );
} );

The above generates a metabox with a text field inside it, with the necessary hooks to save the entered values.

The API is similar to that used for registering custom post types and taxonomies so it should be familiar territory.