Edit Flow

Redefine your editorial workflow and empower your team with features for better organization and communication.


0.8.2 (Sept 16, 2016)

  • Improvement: Updated Spanish localization thanks to moucho
  • Improvement: New Swedish localization thanks to Warpsmith
  • Improvement: Japanese localization 100% on translate.wordpress.org
  • Improvement: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. Props arthurdapaz
  • Improvement: Internationalization improvements in settings and calendar. Props robertsky
  • Improvement: Corrections made to Brazilian Portuguese translation. Props angelosds
  • Improvement: Updates Travis CI to support containerization, PHP 7 and HHVM
  • Bug fix: Fix PHP warning in class-module.php. Props jeremyclarke
  • Bug fix: Add label to Dashboard Notes so it displays as "Dashboard Notes" when exporting
  • Bug fix: Clean up PHP code to comply with PHP Strict Standards
  • Bug fix: Removed deprecated get_currentuserinfo. Props kraftbj
  • Bug fix: Adding $post param to preview_post_link filter to fix PHP warning. Props micahwave
  • Bug fix: Calendar current_user_can capability check corrected. Props keg
  • Bug fix: Clean up custom status timestamp fix and add unit tests to test different cases of the hack
  • Bug fix: Fix error messaging for module settings pages. Props natebot
  • Bug fix: Add check on user-settings.php to prevent error. Props paulabbott
  • Bug fix: Add check for empty author when sending notification. Props petenelson
  • Bug fix: Remove PHP4 constructor from screen options. Props mjangda

0.8 (Dec 19, 2013)

  • New feature: Dashboard Notepad. Editors and admins can use a notepad widget on the dashboard to leave instructions, important announcements, etc. for every WordPress user.
  • New feature: Double-click to create a new post on the calendar, or edit the details associated with an existing post. Thanks bbrooks and cojennin
  • Post subscriptions are now saved via AJAX, which means you can add or remove subscribers without hitting "Save Post". This is especially useful for editorial comments. Thanks cojennin
  • Subscribe to a post's updates using a quick "Follow" link on Manage Posts, the Calendar, or Story Budget.
  • Assign a date and time to editorial metadata's date field. Thanks cojennin
  • Modify which filters are used on the calendar and story budget, or add your own. Thanks cojennin
  • Scheduled publication time is now included in relevant email notifications. Props mattoperry
  • Calendar and story budget module descriptions link to their respective pages in the admin for usability. Props rgalindo05
  • New Russian localization thanks to te-st.ru
  • Updated Japanese localization thanks to naokomc
  • Updated Dutch localization thanks to kardotim
  • Bug fix: User group selection no longer appears in network admin.
  • Improved slug generation when changing title of Drafts thanks to natebot
  • Bug fix: Permalink slugs are now editable after initial save. Props nickdaugherty
  • Bug fix: Permit calendar filters to be properly reset.
  • Bug fix: Posts, pages, custom post types, etc. can now be previewed correctly.
  • Bug fix: Fix Strict Standards PHP notice with add_caps_to_role(). Props azizur
  • Bug fix: PHP compatability issue. Props ziz.
  • Bug fix: Correct calendar encoding. Props willvanwazer
  • Bug fix: Check for $screen in filter_manage_posts_column. Props styledev.
  • Bug fix: Correct Edit Flow icon size. Props Fstop.
  • Improvement: Add editorial metadata to the Posts screen. Props drrobotnik
  • Improvement: Visual support for MP6. Props keoshi.
  • Bug fix: Catch WP_Error returning with get_terms(). Props paulgibbs
  • Improvement: Better unit testing with PHPUnit thanks to willvanwazer and mbijon
  • Bug fix: Correctly close out list item in editorial comments. Props jkovis

The following folks did some tremendous work helping with the release of Edit Flow v0.8: azizur, bbrooks, danielbachhuber, drrobotnik, Fstop, jkovis, kardotim, keoshi mattoperry, [mbijon] (https://github.com/mbijon), [naokomc](https://github.com/naokom, natebot, nickdaugherty, paulgibbs, rgalindo05, te-st.ru, willvanwazer, ziz.

0.7.6 (Jan. 30, 2013)

  • Bug fix for 3.4.2 compatibility.

0.7.5 (Jan. 29, 2013)

  • New Japanese localization thanks to naokomc
  • New French localization thanks to boris-hocde
  • Allow custom post statuses to be completely disabled for a post type, preventing situations where 'draft' posts could disappear when the draft status was deleted.
  • Better implementation of the hack we have to employ for editable slugs in the post edit screen. Thanks cojennin for the assist.
  • Editorial metadata names can now be up to 200 characters (instead of 20 previously). Props cojennin
  • Bug fix: Load modules on 'init' so the strings associated with each class can be properly translated
  • Bug fix: Pagination functional again when filtering to a post type
  • Bug fix: Pre-PHP 5.2.9 array_unique() compatibility
  • Bug fix: Respect the timezone when indicating which day is Today
  • Bug fix: Calendar should work for all post types, regardless of which are supposed to be added to it

0.7.4 (Nov. 21, 2012)

  • Added 'Scheduled' as one of the statuses you see in the 'Posts At A Glance' widget. 'Private' and other core statuses can be added with a filter
  • Sort posts on the Manage Posts view by visible editorial metadata date fields
  • Modify email notifications with two filters
  • Bug fix: Proper support for unicode characters in custom status and editorial metadata descriptions
  • Bug fix: Show the proper last modified value on the story budget when the server's timezone is not set to GMT. Props danls
  • Bug fix: Make the jQuery UI theme for Edit Flow more specific so it doesn't conflict with core modals
  • Bug fix: Use the proper singlular label for a post type when generating notification text
  • Bug fix: Post slug now updates when the post has a custom status.
  • Bug fix: When determining whether a user can change a post's status, check the 'edit_posts' cap for the post type.

0.7.3 (Jul. 3, 2012)

  • Bug fix: Support PHP 5.2.x by removing the anonymous functions we mistakenly added
  • Bug fix: Only update user's Story Budget saved filters when the Story Budget is being viewed, to avoid other views setting the filter values

0.7.2 (Jul. 3, 2012)

  • Users without the 'publish_posts' capability can now use and change custom statuses. Props Daniel Chesterton
  • Support for trashing posts from the calendar. Thanks Dan York for the idea and a bit of code
  • Updated codebase to use PHP5-style OOP references
  • Fixed some script and stylesheet references that had a double '//' in the URI path
  • New edit_flow_supported_module_post_types_args filter allows you to enable custom statuses and other modules for private post types

0.7.1 (Apr. 11, 2012)

  • Show the year on the calendar and story budget if it's not the current year
  • Allow users to save post subscriptions the first time they save the post. This also fixes the bug where a user wouldn't be subscribed until they saved the post twice
  • Changed the behavior of notifications for the user changing a status or leaving a comment. Previously, they'd receive an email with the action they just performed; now they do not. This can be changed with a filter
  • New Italian localization thanks to Luca Patané
  • Bug fix: Auto-subscribe the post author to their posts by default but make it filterable
  • Bug fix: Only show authors in the user dropdown for the calendar and the story budget. This new behavior can be filtered out however
  • Bug fix: Metaboxes are registered with proper priority. Props benbalter
  • Bug fix: If a user hasn't ever opened the calendar before, the date should default to today, not the Unix Epoch
  • Bug fix: Prevent editorial metadata filters from stomping on others' uses by actually returning the original value when we don't want to manipulate it
  • Bug fix: Specify a max-width on <select> dropdowns in the calendar and story budget so long values don't break formatting

0.7 (Jan. 9, 2012)

  • Entire plugin was rewritten into a modular architecture (e.g. each feature is broken into a module you can enable or disable). One point of the modular architecture is to make it much easier for others to contribute new features. For the end user, there’s a brand new settings page where you can manage your modules. Each module then registers a configuration view for module settings. Most have options to choose which post types you’d like it activated for, along with other configuration options.
  • Calendar is far more functional. Content is viewed in a six week view by default, and number of weeks is configurable in screen options. Posts can be dragged and dropped between dates. Click on a post title to get the details about the post, including editorial metadata.
  • Custom statuses can be drag and drop ordered with AJAX. All statuses (including core ‘draft’ and ‘pending’) can be edited or deleted.
  • Editorial Metadata terms can be ordered with AJAX. Terms can be made “viewable” and then will be displayed on the manage posts view and calendar if enabled.
  • Story Budget shows “viewable” editorial metadata and fixes a few bugs, including not showing posts in a subcategory of a parent category.
  • Notifications/subscriptions are filtered so you can disable the auto-subscribing of authors or editorial commenters.
  • Important note: If upgrading from pre-v0.6, please upgrade to v0.6.5 first to ensure all of your data remains intact.
  • Read the full release post

0.6.5 (Sept. 19, 2011)

  • Bug fix: Workaround for a bug in core where the timestamp is set when a post is saved with a custom status. Instead, we update the timestamp on publish to current time if a custom post date hasn't been set. Thanks saomay for help tracking the bug down.

0.6.4 (Jul. 22, 2011)

  • Display unpublished custom statuses inline with the post title, per WordPress standard UI
  • New number type for editorial metadata, so you can have fields like "Word Count"
  • Dropped the admin option for disabling custom statuses on posts. It didn't work, and this is handled by post_type_supports()
  • Add a 'Clear' link to editorial metadata date fields to allow user to easily clear the input
  • Bug fix: Proper support for bulk editing custom statuses
  • Bug fix: Contributor saving a new post respects the default custom status, instead of reverting to 'draft' as the post status
  • Bug fix: Better respect for user roles and capabilities in Story Budget
  • Bug fix: Custom statuses in Quick Edit now work as you'd expect them
  • Bug fix: Show all taxonomy terms (most likely categories) on the Story Budget, regardless of whether they include published content
  • Bug fix: If there are no editorial metadata fields available, a message will display instead of leaving an empty post meta box

0.6.3 (Mar. 21, 2011)

  • Restored email notifications to old delivery method instead of queueing with WP cron because of reliability issues.
  • Better approach to including files so Edit Flow works properly on Windows systems.
  • Option to see all unpublished content on story budget and editorial calendar with a filter to include scheduled posts as unpublished content.

0.6.2 (Jan. 26, 2011)

  • Bug fix: Post Titles were broken in email notifications. (Thanks kfawcett and madguy000!)
  • Bug fix: Bulk editing any post types would cause editorial metadata to occasionally be deleted. (Thanks meganknight!)

0.6.1 (Jan. 9, 2011)

  • Custom Post Type support for custom post statuses, editorial metadata, editorial comments, notifications, (Thanks to all who requested this!)
  • Added search and filtering tools for user and usergroup lists
  • Email notifications are now queued to improve performance and avoid issues with spam
  • Posts in calendar now have a unique classname based on the status (Thanks erikajurney)
  • The "Posts I'm Following" widget has a cleaner look
  • Bug fix: Users without JavaScript no longer see the status dropdown
  • Bug fix: Users with JavaScript no longer see the respond button for editorial comments
  • Bug fix: Contributors should not have the ability to publish through Quick Edit
  • Bug fix: Proper i18n support (Thanks Beto Frega and others)
  • Bug fix: Editorial Comments issue in IE (Thanks asecondwill and James Skaggs)
  • Bug fix: Always email admin feature was not working (Thanks nicomollet)
  • Bug fix: Notifications for scheduled posts did not include links (Thanks erikajurney)

0.6 (Nov. 9, 2010)

  • New feature: Editorial Metadata. Previously, Edit Flow had 'due date', 'location' and 'description', as available editorial metadata. We've expanded this functionality to be completely customizable; admins can add any number of editorial metadata with the following types: checkbox, date, location, paragraph, text, or user dropdown.
  • New feature: Story Budget. View all of your upcoming posts in a more traditional story budget view. Posts are grouped by category, and view can be filtered by post status, category, user, or limited to a date range. Hit the print button to take it on the go.
  • Completely rewritten calendar view now saves filter state on a user by user basis. Also, highlights current day, and displays status and time for each post.
  • Temporarily disabled QuickPitch widget until we rewrite it to support editorial metadata.
  • Bug fix: Editorial comments should no longer show up in the stock Recent Comments widget or in the comments view in the WordPress Admin. The comment count number should also be correct.
  • Bug fix: Duplicate custom post statuses and usergroups are handled in more sane ways (aka creating, editing, and deleting should work as expected)

0.5.3 (Oct. 6, 2010)

  • Fixes issue where default Custom Statuses and User Groups were returning even after being deleted

0.5.1 (Jul. 29, 2010)

  • Editorial calendar improvements: filter by category or author
  • QuickPitch stories get default status instead of pitch status
  • No email notifications for “Auto Draft” post status
  • Backwards compatibility with WordPress 2.9.x

0.5 (Jul. 3, 2010)

  • Calendar view for visualizing and spec assignments at a glance
  • Improvements for WordPress 3.0 compatibility


  • Users that edit a post automatically get subscribed to that post (only if they have the manage subscriptions capability)
  • Edit Flow automatically hides editorial comments if the plugin is disabled
  • Moved default custom status additions to upgrade function so they don't get added every time you activate
  • Bug fix: remove editorial comments from comments feed

0.3.3 (Feb. 4, 2010)

  • Added tooltips with descriptions to the Status dropdown and Status Filter links. Thanks to Gil Namur for the great idea!
  • Fixed the issue where subscribed users/usergroups were not receiving notifications

0.3.2 (Jan. 28, 2010)

  • Fixed fatal error if notifications were disabled


  • Small bug fixes


  • Note: Edit Flow now requires 2.9+
  • Notification emails on status change now have specific subject lines messages based on action taken
  • Action links in comment notifications now take the user to the comment form; i.e. clicking reply link in the email will focus on the comment text box and reply to the message
  • Usergroups!
  • Assign users and usergroups that should be notified of post updates
  • Removed notify by role option since it's redundant because of usergroups
  • Added "Always notify admin option"
  • Added option to hide the status dropdown on Post and Page edit pages (default set to show)
  • Added option to globally disable QuickPitch widget
  • Bug fix: Custom Status names cannot be longer than 20 chars
  • Bug fix: Deleted users are removed as subscribers from posts
  • Bug fix: Blank menu items should now be sorta hidden


  • Custom Statuses are now supported for pages
  • Editorial Comments (with threading)
  • Email Notifications (on post status change and editorial comment)
  • Additional Post metadata
  • Quick Pitch Dashboard widget
  • Bug fix: sorting issue on Manage Posts page (Mad props to David Smith from Columbia U.)
  • Other bug fixes
  • Better localization support


  • Ability to assign custom statuses to posts