External Permalinks Redux

Redirect your posts and pages to a URL of your choosing.



  • Introduce a filter to change the metabox title for clarity. Does break translation for that string if used.
  • Add additional HTML classes in the metabox to aid customization.
  • Coding standards and PHPDoc cleanup.


  • Implement singleton pattern for instantiation. Thanks batmoo.


  • Increase priority of init action to ensure that the filters it contains are available to other plugins. Thanks batmoo.


  • Add status codes filter. Thanks danielbachhuber.
  • Correct translation string implementation, removing variable name.
  • Miscellaneous cleanup, such as whitespace removal.


  • Add shortcut function for registering meta box on custom post types. This is included as an alternative to the epr_post_types filter discussed in the FAQ.


  • Initial release in WordPress.org repository.
  • Rewrote original WordPress.com VIP plugin into a class and added support for custom post types.