Facebook Instant Articles

Prepare to publish your content via Facebook’s lightning-fast mobile channel.



Instant Articles is a new way for publishers to distribute their stories on Facebook. Instant Articles loads articles in News Feed up to ten times faster than standard web articles and is optimized for the mobile reading experience, providing the kind of fluid, high-quality experience and interactivity people expect from native apps.

What happens when I activate the plugin?
A new type of feed will be added to your site, with an address in the form /?feed=instant-articles or /feed/instant-articles, depending on your permalink settings. This new feed is based on the familar RSS format, but includes the extra data and markup required by Facebook’s specification.

Will it ‘just work’?
The plugin handles all the basics and is designed to meaningfully decrease the amount of time it takes to get started creating Instant Articles. But it’s likely you will need to build upon its output, to ensure all your Post’s content is included appropriately. Facebook will provide detailed feedback through its debugging tools after you submit your feed for review.

Will it work with all my existing plugins?
Some plugins may need a few extra lines of code to hook into the Instant Articles output. We include compatibility layers for a number of popular plugins.

What will my Instant Articles look like?
The appearance of your Instant Article is managed using Facebook’s Style Editor. This allows you to upload your logo; select your brand colors; and choose an appropriate font. (There is no option to supply your own CSS.) See Facebook’s Design Guide for full instructions.

Can I use all the interactive elements of Instant Articles?
Potentially, yes, but it’s likely to require additional development work on your part. The plugin provides optimized approaches for WordPress’s default feature set, including video embeds and image galleries. It also includes hooks and filters, allowing developers to add extra content into the feed. For advanced interactions such as maps or audio captioning, you will probably need to write some extra code to hook the necessary data into your feed.

Will Facebook approve my feed?
Facebook has a review process where they verify that all Instant Articles are properly formatted, have content consistency with their mobile web counterparts, and adhere to their community standards and content policies. Both technical and editorial aspects are considered. Please read Facebook’s explanation of the process in detail before submitting your feed.

Can I choose which Posts get published as Instant Articles?
Sure! One easy way is to use a tag or category feed. WordPress lets you see any archive view of your Posts as a feed; and instant-articles is just another feed format. So you could use a special tag or category to identify the Posts you want to push to Facebook (for example, send-to-facebook); and submit the URL of that tag feed (something like example.com/tag/send-to-facebook/feed/instant-articles) to Facebook.

How can I change something about the feed?
The feed includes a number of do_action and apply_filters calls, allowing developers to change the feed and plugin configuration to meet their and Facebook’s requirements.

I found a bug. Can I help you fix it?
We’d love your help! The plugin is open source: we will be happy to consider feedback and Pull Requests submitted via GitHub.