Make your WordPress site social in a couple of clicks, powered by Facebook.



  • Open Graph posting is now an advanced feature configured through a site's Social Publisher settings page. Applications without an approved Publish action can post to an author's Timeline feed with more limited functionality and story promotion.
  • Comments Box moved to comments_template, overriding your theme's default comments template. Existing WordPress comments are displayed above the Comments Box.
  • Added ability to disable fetching Facebook comments from Facebook servers for inclusion on the page inside a noscript element for improved SEO. See the facebook_comments_wrapper filter for more details.
  • Set a custom sort order for Comments Box comments: social, chronological, or reverse chronological.
  • Do not fetch Facebook user status or set a site cookie for default Facebook JavaScript SDK loads on the site frontend.


  • Post to Facebook Page using Facebook application access token
  • Do not display social publisher meta boxes or publish flow if post type not explicitly public
  • Improved local validators for publish flow


  • Improve performance of settings migration from old versions of the plugin


  • Fix: Properly display Open Graph protocol data on author page


  • Post to Timeline now uses an app access token to communicate with Facebook servers without needing an active Facebook user session. Improves XML-RPC compatibility and wp-admin performance
  • The Facebook PHP SDK is now loaded as needed, not with every admin request
  • Mention tagging Facebook friends and Facebook pages replaces previous mention meta boxes for friends and pages
  • Removed mention display alongside a post. Mentions are constructed in a custom Facebook message
  • Associate a WordPress account with a Facebook account from the edit profile page


  • Added Like Box widget for Facebook Page promotion
  • New locale selector provides more extensible code
  • Social publisher settings page inline help
  • Fixed bug publishing to a Facebook Page


  • Do not compare strings when needle longer than haystack
  • Test if expected widget files and classes exist before registering a widget. Fixes possible cache conflict


  • Support social action tracking in Google Analytics. Includes Google Analyticator and Google Analytics for WordPress support
  • Facebook Subscribe Button is now known as Follow Button
  • Add gallery images to Open Graph protocol images array if gallery shortcode present
  • Update to Facebook PHP SDK 3.2.2
  • WordPress 3.5 color picker support in Recommendations Box and Activity Feed plugins
  • Fix incorrectly referenced admin menu icon file locations in minified version of icons.css


  • Bugfix: use the post global object instead of get_post on a comments filter


  • Comments Box - overrides of WordPress comment system applied at the post level, allowing more fine-grained control of comments by post type or mixed in a single loop
  • Comments Box - declare post author with moderate_comments capability an admin of the individual page, granting comment moderation capabilities on Facebook for the post
  • Hide settings error display if function is not yet defined


  • Open Graph protocol data output in prefixed form (e.g. og:title) instead of full IRI. You may declare your preference to always use a prefix in the future using the facebook_ogp_prefixed filter
  • Debug page displays your plugin configuration, author accounts associated with a Facebook account, and server information for troubleshooting
  • Shortcode support for Like Button and Send Button output
  • Comments Box may be disabled for a specific post when post comments are marked closed in WordPress and no comments are stored on Facebook
  • Application id and secret are verified on Facebook servers, generating an app access token for future use
  • Async JavaScript loader support for concatenated script loader configurations
  • Fixed an issue with Comments Box color scheme preference never saving a "dark" preference value
  • JavaScript files renamed to .js and .min.js to match WP Core 3.5 convention (see Core #21633 )
  • Includes Facebook PHP SDK 3.2.1 and its new SSL certificate chain fallback


  • Delete comments enabled option on plugin's settings comments page save when no comments selected.


  • Comment counts powered by Facebook available in all page contexts when comments box social plugin enabled for one or more post types
  • Subscribe button settings fix
  • Recommendations Bar max age setting fix


  • PHP issue affecting 5.2.4 - 5.2.8 installs
  • Properly save number of articles setting for recommendations bar
  • Add explicit Open Graph protocol URL for front page and home


  • Improve PHP 5.2 compatibility
  • Fix minimum number of seconds before recommendations bar shown
  • properly reference widget ids for stats


  • Supports public custom post types and custom post status
  • Facebook JavaScript SDK loads asynchronously after pageload
  • Settings page broken into multiple settings pages with WordPress Settings API support
  • Choose to display social plugins and mentions on your homepage, archive pages, or individual post types
  • Comments markup appearing in noscript wrappers now include Schema.org comment markup by default
  • Added threaded comment support for noscript fallback markup
  • Updated Facebook PHP SDK to version 3.2
  • New social plugins builder helps correct mistakes before they happen and only include markup on your pages capable of interpretation by the Facebook JavaScript SDK
  • Mention links open in a new browsing context by default
  • Post mentions are displayed inside their meta boxes after save
  • Strings pass through translation functions, opening up future translation support
  • Fixed mixed-content warnings thrown when Facebook images displayed on a page
  • Uninstall script removes site and user options when the plugin is uninstalled through the WordPress administrative interface
  • Contextual help menus display helpful information alongside settings choices
  • High-DPI icon support for administration menu


  • Fixed issue where some sites were extremely slow as a result of installing the plugin (due to cURL not being installed).
  • Added warning and actively disable portions of the plugin if SSL not installed.
  • Fixed bug in social publishing.
  • Added logic to disable meta boxes/publishing if social publishing is disabled.
  • Fixed forever loading issue on FB settings page if no active user exists.
  • Added proper escaping.
  • Added global settings to set whether social plugins show on all posts, all pages, both, or neither. Done for like button, subscribe button, send button, comments, and recommendations bar.
  • Added per-post/page settings for showing/hiding social plugins.
  • Fixed poorly formatted description that was being set when publishing to friends' and Pages' feeds.
  • Added notification if plugins that are potentially conflicting are installed.
  • Added suggestions for what to enter in fields in the new user experience.
  • Bug fixes to ensure everything works on mobile (including support for WPTouch).
  • Bug fixes to Pages drop down on the Facebook settings page.
  • Removed the need to create PHP sessions, relying on user meta/transients now.


  • Comment count bug fix.
  • Comments width bug fix.
  • Like, send, subscribe: fixed incorrect hrefs for homepage buttons.
  • Added like/send button to settings page (spread the word!).
  • Changed minimum and maximum supported WP versions.
  • Security fix in the admin control panel.
  • Fixed issue with publishing a post/page if there isn't a thumbnail defined.
  • Changed auto-completes to play nice with UTF-8.
  • Moved extended access token function to Facebook_WP class.
  • Added debug link on settings page that outputs debug information.
  • Lots of i18n fixes.
  • Added easier debugging of Facebook API errors.
  • Added better logged in state detection in admin UI, depending on if the user has authenticated and given certain permissions.
  • Fixed publishing a post if no friends or pages mentioned.
  • Theme fixes to prevent like and mentions bar from showing up in the wrong place.
  • Fixed configure link on plugins page.
  • Fixes for bugs happening on 404 page.
  • Bug fix for if a WP admin removes the app via facebook.com.
  • Added status messages for what was/wasn't posted to Facebook as part of a Post/Page being taken live.
  • Added functionality to disable publishing to a page if access token fails.
  • Clearer error messages for certain scenarios (like inability to post to a friend of page's Timeline because of privacy settings.
  • Fixed conflicts with Power Editor and extraneous text being added to og:description. Thanks to Angelo Mandato (support mention)


  • Launch.