Content Boost by FindTheBest

Add relevant, interactive content to any VIP post.

Once you’ve activated your plugin, start typing your post. When you’d like to add interactive content, search for a topic in the top right search bar. Then, click on a suggestion below that matches the content in your post.

You’ll enter the widget designer, where you can adjust sizing, choose what information to add or take out, and pick an overall style (list view, side-by-side, slideshow, detail display).

The content will appear as a gray placeholder within your article. To see the content in action, simply preview or publish your post.

The plugin includes over 1,500 topics (ex: medical school), 460 million entities (ex: John Hopkins School of Medicine), and billions of points of information (ex: median MCAT scores for incoming medical students).


– Engage readers with relevant, visual content.

– Add credibility to your posts. We’ve already done the research for you in over 1,500 topics.

– Post content that looks great and matches your site. Customize the look, feel, and style of each widget.

To Activate the FindTheBest plugin:

1. Click Plugins on your WordPress Admin dashboard

2. Activate Content Boost by FindTheBest

To create a post using the plugin:

1. Start typing

2. Search for your topic

3. Click on one of the suggestions

4. Customize the look, feel, and content of your widget, then insert into your post

5. Publish

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