Google Calendar Events

Display events from a Google Calendar feed as a calendar grid or list.



  • Fixed a bug causing the "More details" Google Calendar information to be displayed in the wrong timezone
  • Fixed a bug that prevented setting the cache duration to 0 from working correctly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Ajax from working with FORCE_SSL_ADMIN enabled
  • Now uses wp_enqueue_scripts


  • Fixed bug causing AJAX enabled calendar grids to not function correctly
  • Fixed bug causing all-day events from outside required date range to be displayed
  • Fixed bug causing tooltip date title heading setting to be ignored
  • Added further data sanitisation on output
  • Feeds with no events will now be cached to prevent HTTP requests on every page load


  • Fixed bug causing event dates / times to be displayed in the wrong timezone
  • Changed the [link-path] Event Display Builder shortcode to [url]
  • Fixed an Opera specific CSS issue causing page lists to be hidden
  • Lists can now be displayed in descending or ascending order
  • Added [event-id] and [cal-id] Event Display Builder shortcodes
  • Added an offset parameter for date / time based Event Display Builder shortcodes
  • Added an autolink parameter for enabling / disabling automatic linking of URLs
  • Added gce-day-past or gce-day-future classes to calendar grid cells
  • Cleaned up CSS


  • Drastically reduced memory usage
  • Improved feed data caching system
  • Improved error reporting
  • General performance and efficiency improvements
  • Added a few more shortcodes to the event display builder
  • Other miscellaneous changes / additions and bug fixes


  • Added event display builder feature, which vastly improves the customization possibilities of the plugin. This feature encompasses many of the most requested features, such as:
    • All-day events can be handled differently than 'normal' events
    • Start and end times / dates can be displayed on the same line (as can any other event information)
    • HTML (and Markdown) entered in Google Calendar fields can be properly parsed
  • Start and end times for retrieval of events are now much more flexible
  • A custom error message for non-admin users can now be specified
  • No longer loads SimplePie when it is not required


  • Fix / workaround for the long-running timezone bug. Please take a look at this for more information.
  • Added additional 'Maximum no. events to display' option to widget / shortcode (mainly to address a further issue caused by the above fix)
  • i18n related bug fix
  • Added support for widget_title filter (courtesy of James)
  • Added Hungarian (hu_HU) translation (danieltakacs)
  • Now using minified version of jQuery qTip script


  • More control over how start and end dates / times are displayed
  • Events can now be limited to a specified timeframe (number of days)
  • Events on the same day in lists can now be shown under a single date title
  • JavaScript can now be added to the footer rather than the header, via an option
  • The 'Loading...' text can now be customized
  • Description text can now be limited to a specified number of words
  • Multi-day events can be shown on each day that they span (sort of)
  • Bug fixes
  • i18n / l10n fixes


  • l10n / i18n fixes. Dates should now be localized correctly and should maintain localization after an AJAX request
  • MU / Multi-site issues. Issues preventing adding of feeds have been addressed


  • Now allows events from multiple Google Calendar feeds to be displayed on a single calendar grid / list
  • Internationalization support added


  • Added option to allow 'More details' links to open in new window / tab.
  • Added option to choose a specific timezone for each feed
  • Line breaks in an event description will now be preserved
  • Fixed a bug casing the title to not be displayed on lists
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Added customization options for how information is displayed.
  • Can now display: start time, end time and date, location, description and event link.
  • Tooltips now using qTip jQuery plugin.


  • More bug fixes.


  • Several bug fixes, including fixing JavaScript problems that prevented tooltips appearing.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Fix to prevent conflicts with other plugins.
  • Changes to readme.txt.


  • Initial release.