IntenseDebate Comments

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  • Remove mentions of $wpmu which is deprecated
  • Bump requirement to WP3.0
  • Get rid of our JSON library
  • Remove Facebook xd receiver file
  • Remove no-longer-used reference to Facebook cross-domain receiver
  • Update .pot file


  • Remove unnecessary reference to wp-admin/includes/template.php
  • Import all comments not marked as spam (handles custom statuses etc)


  • Remove user account linking/auto-login
  • Fix bug with jQuery selectors for jQ 1.5.2 compatibility
  • Update links to admin pages
  • Enhance comment moderation experience for users
  • Improve styling on comment moderation panel for recent WP versions


  • Now requires WordPress 2.8+
  • Reduced query load
  • Optimize sync queue system for better performance
  • Improved option handling
  • Improve mobile device support
  • Improved compatibility with WP 3.0


  • Added widgets for recent comments, top commenters, site comment stats, and most commented posts


  • Added ability to explicitly log in as a user
  • Added basic connection diagnostics during installation
  • More robust detection/loading of JSON libraries


  • Fixed pass-by-reference bug for PHP 5.3, props Maciek P
  • Minor modification to the way JSON-compat functions are loaded to work better with WP 2.9 under certain conditions


  • Adjusted sync queue handling to handle bigger queues more reliably
  • Removed DB logging entirely
  • Added some API functions: get comment counts per post/total, get total approved comments, remotely retrieve queue, remotely cancel an operation, ability to lock queue temporarily
  • Load comment details right before sync to avoid stale information syncing
  • Improve duplicate comment handling
  • Improve comment status syncing
  • Fix bug in handling comments being enabled/disabled on a Post/Page
  • Throttling on the number of outgoing requests to reduce loads on both ends of the system
  • Ability to import a single Post/Page's comments
  • Added partial support for Trash feature in WP 2.9+


  • Stopped using the onload JS event to load ID because some people had other plugins/widgets that were clobbering it
  • Fixed invalid path on Loading image
  • Changed Facebook xd_receiver path to be root-relative
  • Fixed 2 NOTICE errors, props Anilo.


  • Lots of optimizations on when/where to load ID resources (CSS/JS) to improve page load times
  • Switched to inline JS/CSS in the admin to prevent loading the WP engine again
  • Now loading ID comment UI via the script object method, rather than direct inclusion
  • Removed some unnecessary options and just used smart defaults
  • Changed so that there is no backup comments template -- your theme MUST have something available, even if it's very simple
  • Made the option to reset the plugin available before import was completed
  • Added the ability to reset your import any time during the installation process if you're having problems
  • Standardized on no-www for URLs
  • Reversed the order of comment imports (starts oldest first now)
  • Added Ping/Pong for network diagnostics
  • Cleaned up translatable strings and now shipping with a POT file for translations
  • Improved comment count links within wp-admin
  • Updated some screenshots
  • Now using a stable tag, rather than trunk, in the plugins directory
  • Made syncing more flexible when handling different timezones
  • Now packaging Facebook xd_receiver ready for future functionality


  • Fixed bug where a blank blog title would prevent authentication with ID
  • Switched to using PHP native json_* functions where available to increase performance
  • Limited size of outgoing requests to speed up comms and avoid maxing out request/response sizes
  • Added tag to error_log info for easier debugging


  • Fixed bug where versions of WP < 2.7 would turn off comment threading when saving Discussion Settings
  • Improved performance of queue system (reduced DB hits)
  • Improved overall compatibility with WPMU (props to Israel S. for contributed code!)
  • Improved debugging/logging options/output
  • Cleaned up/standardized use of constants
  • Improved initial import process
  • Improved security of the options page
  • Fixed WP 2.8 JavaScript compatibility bug
  • Improved syncing of comment moderations
  • Improved translatability


  • Fixed bug with initial import process introduced in 2.1


  • Introduced moderation/discussion settings sync
  • Improved integration of moderation panel
  • Optimized moderation panel to load faster
  • Fixed bug where you were logged out of ID if you saved your WP profile page
  • Moved to WordPress coding style