MCE Table Buttons

Add a table editing toolbar to your post editor.



  • Support for WordPress 3.9 and newer, which includes a major visual editor upgrade (TinyMCE 4)


  • New button icons that better conform with WordPress's editor design
  • Retina (HiDPI) ready button icons!
  • Upgraded to latest version of TinyMCE tables plugin (fixes a lot of edge case bugs)
  • Rewrote code for hiding / display toolbar with kitchen sink (now a TinyMCE plug-in instead of a workaround) - the table buttons no longer briefly appear before page loading is finished


  • Table toolbar is hidden or displayed along with the kitchen sink (yay!)
  • Minor clean up to code base and files; optimized for WordPress 3.3


  • Updated TinyMCE table plug-in to corresponding TinyMCE update in WordPress 3.1 (still supports <3.1 too)

  • Updated support / developer information


  • Code clean up, 3.1 testing


  • Fixed editor save warning appearing for unchanged content when the table is at the bottom of the editor
  • Minor code clean up


  • Fixed issue with WebKit browsers (Safari and Chrome) - TinyMCE bug