MediaPass Subscriptions

MediaPass™ Subscriptions is the easiest way to sell subscriptions to your website.  Start generating revenue by charging users for a membership or create a customized Premium subscription to monetize your best content.  No merchant accounts are required, set up takes minutes, and everything is managed from your WordPress Dashboard.  WordPress Administrators and Editors can turn free content to Premium sections by enabling MediaPass Subscriptions by Authors, Categories, and Tags.  Or keep most content free and simply enable MediaPass Subscriptions to create Premium Posts.  MediaPass lets users to pay for the content they care about and you make money.  It’s that simple.


  • Multiple Subscription Styles
  • Full-Service Billing Support
  • Custom Pricing & Branding Options
  • Enable Subscriptions by Posts, Categories, Author, or Tags

Plus! Mobile Integration

Configure MediaPass to use a single username and password across multiple platforms, including mobile and tablet apps. Contact for more info about MediaPass SDKs (iOS & Android).

Your Site Visitors

When your users attempt to access any MediaPass-enabled Premium content, they will be prompted to register as a Premium subscriber for full access.  From there, MediaPass handles everything for you.  Upon purchase of a subscription, MediaPass recognizes the user as a Premium subscriber to your site for seamless access to all Premium content pages.  Cleared cookies simply prompts the subscriber to log in with the username created at time of their Premium subscription purchase.

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