Multiple Post Thumbnails

Adds multiple post thumbnails to a post type. If you’ve ever wanted more than one Featured Image on a post, this plugin is for you. […]



  • Use medial modal instead of thickbox for WordPress 3.5+ (props mparolisi).
  • Fix getting plugin directory name for il8n (props pixeltechnologies).


  • Add a size parameter to MultiPostThumbnails::get_post_thumbnail_url to allow getting any registered size.
  • Add context option to the args accepted when instantiating a new MultiPostThumbnails to specify the metabox context. Defaults to side (which it was previously hard coded to).
  • Filter is_protected_meta to hide meta from the Custom Fields metabox by default (props willroy). To unhide them, add add_filter('mpt_unprotect_meta', '__return_true'); to your theme's functions.php.
  • il8n courtesy Horttcore


  • Add a context parameter to the thickbox opener to narrow down the selection in the media upload tabs to the one being set/viewed (props kevinlangleyjr) which reduces clutter when many thumbnails are registered. Refactor js to use an object (props markparolisi). Hide attachment fields on 3.5 media sidebar.


  • Don't show set as links in media screens when not in context (props prettyboymp). Add voceplatforms as an author. Updated FAQ.


  • Only enqueue admin scripts on needed pages (props johnjamesjacoby) and make sure thickbox is loaded (props prettyboymp). Add media-upload script to dependencies for post types that don't already require it (props kevinlangleyjr).


  • Update FAQ. Clean up readme. Don't yell null. Don't output link to original if there is no image.


  • Use get_the_ID() in get_the_post_thumbnail. Props helgatheviking.


  • Increment version only to attempt to get plugin versions back in sync.


  • Revert init action changes from 0.7. Fixes admin metaboxes not showing when the MultiPostThumbnails class is instantiated in an action instead of functions.php


  • Add actions/filters on init action. Should fix admin metaboxes not showing or showing out of order. props arizzitano.


  • Update get_the_post_thumbnail return filter to use format {$post_type}_{$thumb_id}_thumbnail_html which allows filtering by post type and thumbnail id which was the intent. Props gordonbrander.
  • Update plugin URL to point to Plugin Directory


  • Update readme to check for MultiPostThumbnails class before calling.


  • Added: optional argument $link_to_original to *_the_post_thumbnails template tags. Thanks to gfors for the suggestion.
  • Fixed: PHP warning in media manager due to non-existent object


  • Fixed: when displaying the insert link in the media library, check the post_type so it only shows for the registered type.


  • Update docs and screenshots. Update tested through to 3.0 release.


  • Initial release.