Manage your navigation lists from the NAVT Lists menu tab in the Manage menu.

Designed to provide you with complete control over the creation, styling and contents of your website’s navigation. The plugin gives you the ability to create unique site navigation from your pages, categories and users using a drag ‘n drop Interface.

Arrange the items within a group in any arbitrary order. Navigation groups may be composed of any combination of pages, categories, Authors, (Editors, Contributors, Subscribers), internal/external links and list dividers.

Plugin Features:

  • Navigation items can be duplicated and may appear in more than one group. Each item (even if duplicated) can be independently configured.
  • List item names (called a menu alias) can be set to a name that differs from the name used as the page title or the category name.
  • Create navigation items to be displayed in one of the following format:
  • Text only
  • Text over graphics
  • Text with side graphic
  • Graphic only

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