Piano enables you to generate revenue from your WordPress.com VIP content. Using our powerful and flexible platform, you’ll be able to create a customized solution for subscriptions, donations, downloads, videos, or whatever valuable content you create!

With Piano plugin you’ll be able to the following:

  • Paywall – restrict access to specific tags on your WordPress.com VIP site
  • Applause – accept donations, and change the user’s site experience based on whether or not they’ve contributed
  • Videos – upload videos onto Brightcove and use Piano to charge for access


Piano offers a host of features that let you customize your content business to your needs:

  • Tags – decide which posts your fans will pay for by simply marking it with WordPress tags
  • Previews/metering – customize how many previews your users get before paying, or being asked to donate
  • Curtain – use our template or your own HTML to customize the look and feel of your offer(s)
  • Reminders – prompt your users to support you with every few pageviews
  • Counter – show your users exactly how much of your content they’ve enjoyed so far
  • Dynamics – change the site experience for your users that have paid or donated
  • Logos – brand the checkout experience with custom images
  • Analytics – track statistics including revenue, conversion rates, paywall status, customer location, and much more


Here are the basic steps to start using Piano. A full walkthrough can be found at http://publisher.tinypass.com/archives/documentation/wordpress-plugin

  1. Activate the Piano Plugin on your WordPress.com VIP Site
  2. Register for a Piano Publisher Account here
  3. Edit your business information and customize your Piano Dashboard
  4. Copy and paste the Paywall ID from your Piano Dashboard to your WordPress.com VIP dashboard
  5. Add the tags where you’d like Piano to charge for access
  6. You’re in business! Visit your Piano Dashboard anytime to make changes and track analytics!

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