Make the Web Tell a Story



  • Bug Fixes for Dialog.php error as well as editor button issues in some environments.


  • Support for SSL references


  • Fix for non-javascript alternative link not properly closing the noscript tag and breaking some themes


  • Story description now automatically prepended to post body when story URL is added to the post directly
  • Fix for story not embedding when Storify username contained an underscore character
  • Fix for plugin breaking page titles in administrative dashboard


  • Fix for warning level error on installs running WordPress 3.2 or earlier


  • Add/edit Storify screen now features responsive design
  • Hashtags automatically added as post tags when publishing stories as posts
  • Javascript and CSS files only load on administrative pages when needed
  • Fixed bug where add/edit Storify screen would not fill entire height of window in Firefox
  • Fixed bug where cache would not immediately invalidate when a story is edited
  • Fixed bug which would break 404 errors when improper callback was passed as a URL parameter


  • French translation support
  • Better internationalization handling
  • Fix for E_WARNING level error on story posts when WP_DEBUG was enabled resulting in non-javascript alternative link to story not appearing


  • Initial Release