Taxonomy Images

Tag and categorize the images in your Media Library.



  • Fixed the delete image button on edit-terms.php.
  • Better escaping.
  • Introduced pot file and languages directory.



  • Remove unused link code which is throwing an error when no taxonomies support images.


  • No longer breaks display of the Better Plugin Compatibility Control plugin.
  • Created a custom filter interface for plugin and theme integration.
  • Lots of inline documentation added.
  • Added custom notices if plugin is used in an unsupported way.
  • No notices generated by PHP or WordPress.
  • Deprecated function calls removed.
  • Security updates.
  • All strings are now internationalized.
  • Add image to term functionality mimics "Add Featured Image".
  • Taxonomy modal button now available in search + upload states.
  • Image interface has been added to single term edit screen.
  • Users can now choose which taxonomys have image support.
  • All functions are now private.
  • Shortcode deprecated.
  • All global variables and constants have been removed or deprecated.


  • Never released.
  • Completely recoded.


  • UPDATE: Direct link to upload new files from edit-tag.php has been introduced.
  • UPDATE: Ability to create an image/term association immediately after upload has been introduced.
  • UPDATE: Users can now delete image/term associations.
  • UPDATE: Created standalone javascript files - removed inline scripts.
  • UPDATE: Obsesive compulsive syntax modifications.
  • UPDATE: Localization for strings - still need to "fine-tooth-comb" this.
  • UPDATE: Removed all debug functions.


  • BUGFIX: get_image_html() Now populates the image's alt attribute with appropriate data. Props to jaygoldman.


  • UPDATE: Support for WordPress 3.0 has been added. Support for all beta versions of 3.0 has been dropped.
  • COMPAT: Removed use of deprecated function is_taxonomy() - props to anointed.
  • COMPAT: Included a definition for taxonomy_exists() function for backwards compatibility with 2.9 branch. This function is new in WordPress version 3.0.


  • UPDATE: Changed button name from "Category" to "Taxonomy".
  • UPDATE: Support for 2.9 branch has been added again.


  • UPDATE: Added support for dynamic taxonomy hooks for _tag_row()
  • BROKEN: Support for 2.9 branch has been temporarily removed.


  • BUGFIX: get_thumb() now returns the fullsize url if there is no appropriate intermediate image.
  • UPDATE: Added "taxonomy_images_shortcode".


  • COMPAT: Changed the firing order of every hook untilizing the 'category_rows' method to 15. This allows this plugin to be compatible with Reveal IDs for WP Admin. Thanks to Peter Kahoun
  • COMPAT: Added Version check for PHP5.
  • UPDATE: $settings and $locale are now public properties.
  • UPDATE: Object name changed to: $taxonomy_images_plugin.
  • UPDATE: Added argument $term_tax_id to both print_image_html() and get_image_html().
  • BUGFIX: Deleted the register_deactivation_hook() function -> sorry to all 8 who downloaded this plugin so far :)


  • Original Release - Works With: wp 2.9.1.