Taxonomy List Widget

Create a list of non-hierarchical taxonomies and display it in your sidebar or footer, as an alternative to the tag cloud.



  • Update for WordPress 4.2 to handle term splitting in the plugin's include/exclude functionality. Details at


  • Correct problem in WordPress 3.3 and higher that resulted in an empty taxonomy dropdown.
  • Remove all uses of PHP short tags.


  • Allow empty title in widget options. If empty, the taxonomy_list_widget_title filter isn't run.


  • Provide control over link relationship (dofollow and nofollow) in widget. This capability is still available via the taxonomy_list_widget_link_rel filter.


  • Fix fatal error in older WordPress versions resulting from PHP4 and PHP5 constructors existing in widget class.

  • Fix bug in post count threshold that resulted in no terms being listed.

  • Fix fatal error


  • Completely rewritten plugin to use WordPress' newer Widgets API.
  • Drop support for WordPress 2.7 and earlier.
  • Add support for all public, non-hierarchical custom taxonomies, in addition to Post Tags.
  • Introduce new, more flexible function for manually generating lists.
  • Fixed persistent bugs in the include/exclude functionality.
  • Widget admin is translation-ready.


  • Replace id on list items with class.


  • Reduced variables stored in database to two.


  • Added function TLW_direct