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Provide a “view all” (single page) option for paginated posts.



  • Correct translation implementation issue introduced in v0.8.


  • When WordPress determines a request is a 404, don't activate the plugin's functionality.
  • Convert the plugin to a singleton.
  • Audit entire plugin for translation readyness.
  • Correct phpdoc.


  • Further ensure that WordPress doesn't think a post is paged when viewing the full post content unpaged. Ensures that code checking the $multipage variable will function properly. Props @batmoo.


  • Revert change in is_view_all() method made in version 0.6 as it breaks the method, rendering the plugin inoperable.


  • Add additional rewrite rules for situations where verbose page rules are required.
  • Disable canonical redirect when print template is requested.
  • Update is_print() method to use WordPress API.
  • Correct translation string implementation.


  • Change how post content is modified for View All display. Rather than using the the_content filter, global variables are overridden in the the_post action. Ensures that infinite loops don't result from shortcode processing and other uses of the the_content filter. Props to the VIP Support team (batmoo) and stevenkword.
  • Introduces the vapp_display_link filter to allow plugins and themes to suppress the automatic View All link on specific posts. Return false to suppress the link. Filter also passes post ID, plugin options, and post object.


  • Eliminate use of plugins_loaded action since plugin has no dependencies on other plugins. All code previously located in the associated method has been moved to the class's constructor. Props danielbachhuber.


  • Add filter to disable rewrite rules notice.
  • Apply esc_html() to link text during output.
  • Update code to conform to WordPress Coding Standards.


  • Simplify rewrite rule creation, resolving 404 errors in most cases.


  • Change how wp_link_pages arguments are filtered to better support as-needed filtering.


  • Initial release