Zone Manager (Zoninator)

Curate your content in a flash by creating zones, which you can use to order your content.



  • Added compatibility with WordPress 4.4 admin styles
  • Add the ability to save zone content to fix race conditions / problems with the autosave
  • Add ability to filter the dates to search
  • General performance improvements


  • Support for term splitting in 4.2
  • Run the init hook later so that we can allow custom post types to attach themselves to the plugin
  • Better translation support
  • Coding standards cleanup


  • WordPress version requirements bumped to 3.5
  • Support for touch events for mobile via jQuery UI Touch Punch (
  • Filter recent posts or search-as-you-type by date (today, yesterday, all) or category for more refined results, props Paul Kevan and the Metro UK team
  • New actions fired when adding/removing posts from zones
  • Bits of clean-up


  • New dropdown that recent posts which can be adding to zones, props metromatic and Metro UK
  • New filter: zoninator_posts_per_page -- to override the default posts_per_page setting
  • Use core bundled versions of jQuery UI


  • Introduce z_get_zone_query: returns a WP_Query object so you can run the loop like usual.
  • Disable editing and prefixing of slugs. They're just problems waiting to happen...
  • Add new filter to allow filtering of search args, props imrannathani for the suggestion
  • Allow scheduled posts to be added to zones so they automagically show up when they're published, props imrannathani for the idea.
  • Default to published post in all zone queries in the front-end. Scheduled posts can still be added via a filter.
  • Run clean_term_cache when a post is added or deleted from a zone so that the necessary caches are flushed.
  • Add new filter to limit editing access on a per-zone level. props hooman and the National Post team
  • Allow editor role (editor_others_posts) to manage zones (plus other capability fixes, props rinat k.)


  • Move Zones to a top-level menu so that it's easier to access. And doesn't make much sense hidden under Dashboard.
  • Change the way error and success messages are handled.
  • jQuery 1.6.1 compatibility.
  • Bug fix: Custom Post Types not being included in search. Thanks Shawn!
  • Bug fix: Custom Post Types not being included in post list. Thanks Daniel!
  • Bug fix: Error thrown when removing last post in a zone. Thanks Daniel!
  • Other cleanup.


  • Initial Release!