Notice about PHP errors and warnings

Administrators on a VIP site may at times see a notice indicating there are PHP errors or warnings that need to be fixed: This […]

Custom Fields

The custom fields UI isn’t included on — it’s clunky, dependent on theme customizations, and poses some security risks. You’ll want to explicitly add […]

Customizing Invites

On, new users need to be invited to your site.┬áThe default behavior for invitations is to allow any user accept an invitation┬áregardless of […]

Faux Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On allows your visitors to have a consistent and personalized experience. The current approach is to encrypt and store non-sensitive information in a browser […]

Custom User Roles

Sometimes the default roles and capabilities aren’t exactly what you need for your site. If you need to create new roles or modify existing ones, […]