Media Explorer

Using the Media Explorer, you can now insert tweets and YouTube videos without ever leaving WordPress. This tool lets you search Twitter and YouTube from […]

Libraries (plugins/lib)

Much as our Shared Plugins directory provides a wide variety of useful, battle hardened, and maintained plugins, Shared Libraries aims to provide a central repository […]

Web Fonts and Custom Typefaces

To use a fancy typeface or font on your VIP site(s), we recommend using Typekit or Google Web Fonts. Both have very easy-to-integrate APIs, are optimized […]

Adding Open Graph Tags

Open Graph Tags are automatically enabled for all public, non-VIP blogs on Open Graph tags make it easier for you to control what information […]

Twitter and

Twitter can be integrated in multiple ways with your VIP site: Pushing out content updates. Integrating Twitter updates in your site’s theme. Providing your […]

Manipulating Images automatically handles images in ways that should help minimize the need to manually perform image resizing, cropping, and optimization: For high-DPI (aka Retina) devices, we automatically […]

Fetching Remote Data

If you need to fetch data from another server, you should remember that doing so is a relatively slow process and that you can run […]