Uploading video files

Your WordPress.com VIP site’s Media Library can be configured to accept video file types like these: .mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4) .mov (QuickTime) .wmv (Windows Media Video) […]

Site Merges

As part of a migration either to WordPress.com VIP or between two WordPress.com VIP sites, you might need to perform a site merge. Doing so […]

VIP Go Local Development

Because developing sites for VIP Go is different to developing for WordPress.com hosted VIP sites, so you will need a different development environment. Here¬†we describe […]

VIP Quickstart

VIP Quickstart is a local development environment for WordPress.com VIP developers. It provides developers with an environment that closely mirrors WordPress.com along with all the […]

Anatomy of a VIP Theme

This page explains the anatomy and structure of an example theme that might be used on WordPress.com VIP. It complements the Theme Development guidelines that […]

Related Posts

You can take advantage of the WordPress.com Related Posts functionality to return related posts quickly. Enable it by turning on Related Posts in Settings > […]

High Traffic Alert

On WordPress.com, we serve 100+ million pageviews per day without blinking. However, sometimes you may be expecting a high traffic event where you may want […]

Creating Good Changesets

Changesets are the heart of any version control system, and making good changesets is vitally important to the maintainability of your code. As all code […]