As the audience of your website grows, it becomes more challenging to publish content that is relevant to all readers. Personalization gives you the ability […]


Keyring is a generalized framework for WordPress which handles authentication with, and authenticated requests to remote services. It provides a set of predefined “Services” which […]

List Posts By A Co-Author

When using Co-Authors Plus, you may want to create a listing of all posts by a given co-author. Co-Authors Plus deviates slightly from how core […]

Plugins on VIP

Here at VIP, we maintain a list of plugins that have been reviewed and approved by our engineers.These pre-reviewed plugins help speed up review […]

Using the Liveblog Plugin

Introduction The Liveblog Premium Add-On helps with quick and simple blogging for following fast-paced events. It allows authors to edit the post quickly, and readers […]

Allow Contributors to Upload Images

When images or other attachments are uploaded to a non-private WordPress site, the images are immediately public and can be shared on the Internet. This […]