Musicians love WordPress because it’s a CMS which allows them to quickly put a site online that can interact with and support all the pieces of their online media strategy.

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Why Do Musicians Choose WordPress?

The Digital Hub for Fans

Give your content a home on the web and then connect it with social media networks and services wherever your fans are. Connect the site to Facebook, Twitter, email, and other services to alert fans and followers when new content is available.

Easily Embed Rich Media

WordPress features a simple editor that users can use to embed videos, maps, and media quickly, easily, and safely, so musicians can share the latest concert clips, behind-the-scenes peeks, music videos, and images from their daily life immediately and directly with fans.

It’s Just Easy To Use

WordPress features an intuitive publishing interface that musicians as well as their team can easily get familiar with. Pair that with excellent documentation and support for development, and a site can be launched in no time.

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