Non-profits love how easy it is to create engaging online experiences with the WordPress platform. Easy to install, easy to customize, and easy for non-technical staff to administer, it’s also incredibly flexible: it scales for organizations big and small, and can be customized to suit any needs. Whether you’re a grassroots neighborhood group or an international advocacy organization, you can build a site that keeps friends and donors coming back with WordPress.

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Why Do Non-Profits Choose WordPress?

Cultivate Your Constituents With Ease

Using tools that have already been built for you, accept donations, help visitors join your mailing list or post videos highlighting your organization’s impact. Adding extra tools is easy as clicking “activate” in our plugin directory, and configuring them is just as easy.

Tell Your Story in Real Time with Mobile Apps

Every WordPress site can be made mobile-ready with a click, and your staffers can use the WordPress mobile applications to publish content from wherever they are. WordPress makes it easy to keep your site fresh and show your supporters how you’re making a difference.

Make It Easy for Your Supporters to Spread the Word

WordPress helps your home page shine with high definition graphics and videos that tell your organization’s story. And since WordPress is fully integrated with popular social networking sites and email sharing, your constituents can help share your mission across the internet.

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