Publishers love WordPress because it’s a CMS with an easy-to-use interface that helps them create content quickly and is familiar to writers all over the world.

Why Do Publishers Choose WordPress?

Complete Editorial Control

They love using EditFlow, which adds newsroom collaboration tools like editorial comments, story budgets and editorial calendars into WordPress. Our story editor even notifies writers when two people are in a post a once.

VIP-Approved Plugins

Adding tools to zone your content, optimize SEO or track site analytics is the site is as easy as clicking “activate” in our plugin directory, no development needed. There are more than 100 VIP-approved plugins to choose from, so you’ll know they work and stay updated.

Easily Embed Rich Media

WordPress features a simple editor that most writers already know how to use. Users can embed videos, maps and media quickly, easily and safely. And, connect your site to Facebook and Twitter to alert your followers when there’s new content.

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