WordPress Professional Education & Training ServicesTraining from the World’s Experts on WordPress.

WordPress.com VIP offers a range of professional WordPress training services for current VIP clients as well as for the general public. Our instructors come from within the WordPress.com VIP team as well as the extended Automattic family, covering a wide and deep knowledge of WordPress garnered since its inception.

We specialize in Training for Developers as well as Training for Users of all skill levels and interests, with an offering of courses divided into SuperuserEditorial, and User training.

Upcoming Training & Education Events:

Intensive VIP Developer Workshop

Once a year, we hold a 3-day, intensive developer workshop for WordPress.com VIP clients and select guests. The content includes deep dives into topics affecting our VIPs as well as strategy, roundtable, and emerging trends in the world of WordPress. The curriculum can often include WordPress coding standards, security, caching, optimizing themes and plugins, implementing new core WordPress, .com, and VIP features, and we continually tailor the curriculum based on registered participants’ input for their preferred sessions.

During the event, there is a focus on networking as well as collaborative sessions where WordPress.com VIPs share their own experiences with building VIP-scale websites using WordPress, their workflows, shortcuts, and best practices, too.

Pre-registration for the 2015 edition is now open.

Customized Online or Onsite Training

If you’re a current WordPress.com VIP client, you can get in touch at any time about what training dates & options are available to you. You can check out our Training for Developers as well as our Training for Users of all skill levels and interests, and a description of our courses divided into SuperuserEditorial, and User training.

VIP Training Days

VIP Training Days are 1-day, small group (max. 20 participants with a team of VIP instructors), in-person training courses which will be repeated throughout the year in different locations (previously held in New York, San Francisco, London, and Toronto). VIP Training Days are open to the public, but space will be prioritized for current VIP clients.

  • Developer Fundamentals I — for beginner PHP developers & advanced PHP developers new to WordPress. A great review of WordPress fundamentals and best practices and the codebase, with a focus on themes and plugins.
  • Superuser — for site administrators, editors, and trainers for large or multi-author sites. A deep dive into the entire publishing process as well as managing users, comments, social integrations, mobile, and more.
  • Developer Fundamentals: Site Security & Debugging — for experienced WordPress developers. Attendees will learn how to think like an attacker and exploit the vulnerabilities before fixing them with security best practices and various debugging techniques.

Upcoming VIP Training Days:

  • 2015 dates coming soon.

Register interest to have VIP Training Days where you are located in the future and you’ll be contacted directly when it’s offered near you.

VIP Training Days Course Descriptions

VIP Training Days: Developer Fundamentals I Training


WordPress Fundamentals I is a day-long, intensive course meant to introduce PHP developers to programming for WordPress. Attendees should be familiar with WordPress as a tool, and have a working understanding of its general terminology. Proficiency with PHP is also a must, but no knowledge of the WordPress code itself is expected. This is a great course for developers looking to build sites which will scale to VIP levels, and write secure and scalable code.


  • Proficiency with basic PHP development.
  • Awareness of WordPress as a platform, including common terminology such as a post, a page, widgets, and sidebars.
  • A local development environment running WordPress Trunk. We will provide a virtual machine ahead of time for participants who don’t have their own development environments, but they will be responsible for setting it up ahead of time.

Course Materials & Requirements

Each student will provide their own computer (laptop) for the course, with working wifi functionality. A lunch break and light lunch will be provided by WordPress.com VIP. Students should have a local working copy of WordPress trunk installed and tested prior to the training. To download trunk: http://wordpress.org/download/svn/

Curriculum Overview

  • Intro to WordPress core, SVN, and Trac, history and culture
  • Developer environment and debugging tools
  • WordPress Development Best Practices
  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Actions and filters
  • Introduction to Themes
  • The Loop & WP_Query
  • More on themes
  • …and more!

VIP Training Days: Developer Fundamentals II Training: Site Security & Debugging

WordPress Fundamentals: Site Security & Debugging is a day-long, intensive course meant to improve WordPress developers’ understanding of advanced concepts. Attendees should be familiar with developing WordPress plugins and themes or should have attended our Developer Fundamentals I course.

We’ll cover the basics of writing secure code. Instead of just listing vulnerabilities, attendees will learn how to think like an attacker and exploit the vulnerabilities before fixing them. In the course of learning more about security, we will introduce various debugging techniques to help attendees find problems in the code faster.


  • Proficiency with PHP development.

  • Awareness of WordPress as a platform, including common terminology such as a post, a page, widgets, and sidebars.

  • Proficiency with basic WordPress plugin and theme development – actions, filters, loading assets, main core APIs.

  • The latest version of VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/

Curriculum Overview

  • Security: common types of vulnerabilities

  • Security: exploiting and fixing open redirects

  • Security: exploiting and fixing XSS problems in HTML, JS, and CSS

  • Security: exploiting and fixing CSRF vulnerabilities

  • Security: exploiting and fixing SQL injection problems

  • Security: exploiting and fixing remote file inclusion attacks

  • Security: exploiting and fixing clickjacking attacks

VIP Training Days: Superuser Training


In this course, you’ll learn how to manage and use the WordPress interface from a site owner’s point of view; as someone who will be managing multiple users, their permissions, and ultimately sharing knowledge with them about how to use WordPress to publish a great site with an active community and/or audience. We like to think of this course as our teachers teaching your teachers – those who will serve as the WordPress expert in an organization.

We’ll also do a deep dive into the publishing process so our superusers can teach their editors, authors, and contributors how to best use the WordPress interface. From creating and publishing posts to managing tags and categories, from mastering multimedia and images in articles, and bulk management of posts and pages, we’ll cover the entire publishing process from draft to done.


Users should have a working (beyond basic) knowledge of the WordPress administration panel / backend. They should be managers, administrators, or editors of an existing or future WordPress site with multiple users.

Course Materials & Requirements

Each student will provide their own laptop computer (no tablets) for the course, with working wifi functionality. A lunch break and light lunch will be provided by WordPress.com VIP to all students. For the purposes of the course, students will be given access to a WordPress.com site. Users will be requested to create a WordPress.com username if they don’t have one, and this username will be submitted to the course instructor. To create a WordPress.com username: http://en.wordpress.com/signup/

Curriculum Overview

  • User Management: roles, permissions, and invitations
  • User Profiles: settings, preferences, and Gravatars
  • Comments: moderation, spam, and notifications
  • Creating & Publishing posts
  • Managing tags and categories
  • Mastering Media: images, galleries, and slideshows
  • Bulk management of Posts and Pages
  • …and more!

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