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Why choose VIP?

All the freedom of open source software. All the features, scalability, and security of our VIP platform.

We know WordPress. As the operators of, the biggest WordPress site on the web, we know all the secrets, tips, and tricks to help WordPress shine at scale. We’re a global company dedicated to making WordPress work better for our clients and users.

We’ve added 200+ extra features on top of WordPress for everyone on—and just for VIPs, we’ve added hundreds of additional plugins which can be integrated into your sites with a single-click, so you can take advantage of powerful partner integrations without touching a line of code. And with our PaaS architecture, your developers have the freedom to extend WordPress and build any custom features you need as well.

WordPress is used by every industry, everywhere.

  • Media & Publishing

    Quartz from The Atlantic Monthly Group

  • Broadcasting


  • Government & Education

    Open from NASA

  • Sports

    NFL Official Blog

  • Non-Profit

    Kaiser Family Foundation

  • Retail & Fashion

    Van Heusen

Always secure, always updated, always ready for traffic.

  • Incredibly Secure

    We stay awake at night, watching over your site, so you don’t have to. Our site monitoring and secure codebase ensure an impressive uptime (check out our stats), and our operations team is always hands-on.

  • Instantly Scalable

    Traffic? Bring it on! We serve 100+ million pageviews per day without blinking. We work with your development team to make sure the code running on your site is ready for any traffic, whether it’s today’s news or the next viral video. We’re ready.

  • Constantly Optimized

    You get the newest WordPress features and functionality as soon as they’re released into core WordPress (we’ve even built some of them!), and we keep you informed of the latest improvements and features to make your site faster & feature-rich. VIP Services

Focus on site features, not operations.

Our team runs the entire stack for you — including the servers, firewalls, load balancers, hourly back-ups, and even upgrades of WordPress itself. We’ll worry about your site’s availability so you can sleep at night.

We have a dedicated support team for your developers, and even your editors and content creators. That way your team can focus on the parts of your site which are truly unique and drive ROI for your business.

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